Poll: 88% of Australians oppose gay marriage


An XYZ viewer poll has confirmed the trend suggested by a Newspoll conducted for the Australian, with The XYZ’s much more reliable poll showing that 88% of Australians oppose changing the law to allow same-sex couples to marry.

Collating nearly 3000 votes, The XYZ continues to fearlessly defy the mainstream narrative that Australians overwhelmingly support the fundamental change to our society. As with the build-up to the Brexit vote, Malcolm’s close shave and the election of Donald Trump, surveys in the age of political correctness simply do not count.

Newspoll are fake news.

When one side is demonised so badly that people fear that saying what they believe in a normal conversation could lead to them being lectured by idiots, screamed at by ferals, or even put their careers and relationships at risk, “official” polls cease to become an accurate reflection of reality.  This is because people stop telling the truth when questioned on their opinion. Given that this is exactly the point of point of political correctness, one would think the elites would figure this out.

The Newspoll suggests national support for the Yes vote has dropped from 63 to 57 per cent, while support for the No vote has lifted from 30 to 34 per cent. The breakdown of the statistics reveals some interesting, if predictable findings:

“A special Newspoll, conducted exclusively for The Australian, ­reveals a significant fall in support for same-sex marriage among ­Coalition voters, slipping from 55 to 47 per cent after millions of households received their voting papers.

“The push for change to the Marriage Act has also lost ground among Labor voters, down from 75 to 70 per cent over four weeks, but has increased among Greens voters from 82 to 85 per cent.

“Support for change has fallen hardest among One Nation voters, down from 50 to 35 per cent after party leader Pauline Hanson lashed the postal survey for not being a “true” vote and called ­instead for the issue to be decided at the next election.”

We will end this report here, because in general, newspaper reports on the percentage breakdown of poll results are very boring to read. All you need to know is that the real figure probably lies somewhere between that of The XYZ poll and the Newspoll.

Photo by Gage Skidmore