The Ballad of Mao-Tse Wong

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher.

Boldly, brave old Mao-Tse, rode forth from Canberralot,

She was not afraid to proclaim that same sex was a blot,

She was not at all afraid to be doxxed in nasty ways

And her ‘good’ name tarred and feathered by the commies and the gays.


Because Nazis, the narrative’s at its perverted peak.

If you talkin’ bullshit lies, the commies ’ll let you speak.

So Mao-Tse Wong, unto the cause, became an ersatz traitor’

‘Cause she knew when she changed her mind, they’d all welcome her back later.


So Mao-Tse Wong, in opposition, was never ‘homophopic’?

But now this loon has changed her tune, a ‘no’ is catastrophic?

For shame you millions of homophobes, you know that you’re all wrong.

‘Till you fall in line with the whinging whine of Chair-it Mao-Tse Wong.