Left wing extremists attack churchgoers, media blames both sides


Last night, fresh off the back of the government’s high court win, pro-gay marriage protesters decided to violently blockade a church.

During the coverage by Channel 9’s Today program, a strikingly handsome woman going by the name Jessica Payne claimed to have been injured by the nasty parishioners who flagrantly attempted to drive their cars on the road.

“I suffered an injury because people drove their cars nearly at full speed into the yes campaigners here today…It was extremely scary, extremely irresponsible, and police actually tried to help the people in the cars get through the crowd of protesters.”

Imagine that, police trying to stop people from illegally blocking the road. Those utter fascists.

Jessica seemed rather well for someone who had been injured by a car travelling at “full speed”. But before doubting her story I decided to do some basic research, an action yet again apparently beyond the capability of the entirety of the Australian fourth estate.

Jessica Payne, hardcore marxist. From Facebook

It turns out that Jessica is the Brisbane co-convener of Equal Love, a group that has provoked criticism from more mainstream Gay activist organisations for assaulting police, carrying a banner of Tony Abbott being hanged to death and attacking a different church meeting in Melbourne being attended by Australian tennis legend Margaret Court.

Here at XYZ we have just this week pointed out that the Melbourne organisers of Equal Love and their Sydney sister organisation CAAH are drawn almost exclusively from the ranks of radical Marxist organisations. These groups of crazed fanatics not only wish to abolish the concepts of male and female, but also wish to institute a totalitarian Communist state in order to do so.

Imagine my surprise when Jessica Payne turned out to be a long-time activist for Socialist Alternative, the largest most violent and most radical left wing extremist group in Australia today. How long term? She was an organiser for the group back when Julian Assange of WikiLeaks fame was still considered a leftist hero rather than a nasty tool of Trump.

Kat Henderson, Abbott hater, hardcore marxist. From Twitter

The other co-convener of Equal love Brisbane is one Kat Henderson, another Socialist Alternative member and long-time Safe Schools program supporter who was the Marxist groups’ president at QUT and briefly rose to prominence after controversially screaming at police who tried to show their support for the Gay cause by attending one of her rallies.

These details are all available through a simple internet search, so why aren’t journalists reporting them? Why are they neglecting to mention that these increasingly aggressive and violent “activists” are some of the most radical political extremists in Australia? Why won’t they point out that almost all the street level organisers in favour of Gay marriage are so extreme that they don’t believe Australia deserves to exist, and literally wish to abolish the country we live in?

Screenshot of Kat Henderson’s Twitter page.

One of the highest profile federal court cases in recent Australian history was held around the issue of the Gay marriage postal vote this week. Every outlet across all platforms from the Guardian to the Daily Mail covered every step of the proceedings in sometimes extremely tedious detail. Yet no outlet other than XYZ bothered to do the most basic of research into the most prominent of the plaintiffs to find that she is yet another long-term Marxist activist.

These thugs attack peaceful church congregations and the response from the media, including the likes of Greg Brown at the Australian and Liz Burke at News.com is to do no research at all into those attacking and simply assign blame equally to both sides. And that’s in the evil “right-wing” Murdoch media that the left constantly squeals about.

The question begs itself again, as it did last time and as it will next time. Are they lazy, biased or simply incompetent?

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