Food For Thought – Give Me A Home Where The White Man Can Own

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

America, which has the capability to nuke the planet five times over (and a President who won’t rule out using them against the homelands of White Europeans), appears to be manoeuvring its might against White self-determination globally.

This week President Donald Trump signed into law a congressional resolution that condemned “White Nationalists and White Supremacists”, following the fallout of the Unite The Right rally in Charlottesville (which I’m sure the elite are just delighted about).

While the supreme success of Whites throughout history is undeniable, the term “White Supremacy” has been used so arbitrarily and stupidly now, that innocuous ideas like a memetic cartoon frog and milk consumption are equated with it.

As the congressional resolution does not legally define what “White Supremacy” is, I imagine it will be left open for anti-White cultural Marxists to interpret accordingly.

There is little doubt in my mind that this resolution will only serve those wanting to eliminate Whites from their respective nations, by way of mass immigration, miscegenation and varying suppression of White fertility rates (such as abortion and birth control).

Ostensibly folks like myself, whom support the establishment of White ethno-states free of Communist subversives by way of forcible removal, are now legally interpreted as terrorists of Multiculturalism.

Where the question may have once been “Where has muh country gone?” the question now is “Where can the ‘refugees of diversity’ constitute a new one?”

Food for thought.