Wang Show: I am Transman hear me roar


Aussie podcaster Wang makes some good satire, often in the spirit of The XYZ. He has a bit of Roy & HG about him, except he actually goes where Roy & HG would dare to tread.

Dr. Phat, mid-op.

In this podcast I am Transman hear me roar, hosted on SoundCloud, forced under court order to live for three weeks as a transman, Wang travels to America to meet Dr. Miriam Burkowitz-Baxter-Bobsled, who informs him that the word “tranny” is problematic; back home he gets into a fight on the netball court with Kylie; and he travels to Thailand to ask Dr. Phat about a cock-chopectomy, sorry, a cockectomy.

Not for the squeemish or the easily triggered.