Van of Peace Culturally Enriches Barcelona


Another Van of Peace has been used to culturally enrich a crowded avenue in Europe, this time in Las Ramblas in central Barcelona. Reports of the current death toll indicate that at least 13 and as many as 16 have been confirmed dead, and at least 80 or even 100 have been injured.

There are many videos on the internet showing the aftermath.

A photo of the man suspected of driving the Van of Peace has been released, and he looks to be of Asian appearance.

As we all know, the worst possible thing to result from this would be for it to upset the diversity, tolerance and open borders of Spain. Diversity is Spain’s strength. This will not divide Spain. If Spandiards take any measures to protect themselves from further cultural enrichment, the terrorists win.

Initial analysis suggests officials will tighten regulations affecting van rental and ownership. Police checks and a three day cooling off period before purchase could be an effective deterrent to prevent future cultural enrichment.


“Witnesses have told CNN that the van appeared to deliberately “zigzag” along the pedestrian mall, presumably to inflict maximum damage to the people.

“An unidentified witness told Spanish station TV3 there was “a hell of blood”.

It appears to me that if you are a terrorist with a premeditated desire to kill as many people as possible, you would deliberately “zigzag” in order to hit as many people as possible, rather than reverse away from all your potential targets.

From Breitbart:

“While official news sources have refused to provide more information – and have demanded in numerous tweets that the media not report anything outside of information straight from police – Spanish media outlets are reporting that at least four terrorism suspects have died in a raid after police thwarted another car ramming attack.

“El Mundo reports that the individuals in question were carrying explosives and cite police sources who allegedly confirmed that “the four terrorists killed were attempting to replicate in Cambrils a car ramming attack like the one in Barcelona.”

It must be disconcerting for terrorism experts to discover that lone wolves are teaming up to coordinate cultural enrichment activities. There may be an ideological link that unites these lone wolves. They are most likely communicating over the internet, so we should probably shut down internet hate sites.

Ultimately, we should accept that all of us, as Westerners, are responsible for this, because our great grandparents walked dutifully into machine gun fire in France in the early 1900’s, and their grandparents charged hails of bullets to free African people from slavery.