Bill Whittle: Trump’s Plan for Afghanistan


Bill Whittle and his old crew from PJTV, Scott Ott and Steve Green, are always an excellent source for conservative American news. They lack the hot blonde chicks of FOX, but there is less shouting, so they are a good way to wake up in the morning.

In this Right Angle, they analyse President Donald Trump’s speech on Afghanistan where he announced plans to keep US forces there until victory is achieved, and most likely increase on-the-ground forces in order to do so. Key points include:

  • Letting go of the nation building agenda is a good thing. Afghanistan has never been a nation, it consists of warring tribes.
  • You are either in a war or you’re not. You cannot fight a war with drones. You need troops on the ground.
  • The terms of engagement Trump is giving his troops will be better than in the past. He is handing decision making reaponsibility back to those on the front line, which means they will be much more effective, with less numbers, than under Obama, because they will not be hamstrung by lawyers in Washington D.C.
  • No time limit on the engagement has been set, which means that the terrorists can’t simply wait it out for the Americans to go. As such, the US will treat Afghanistan like Germany, Japan and Korea, and keep US troops in the country to keep it secure and help it recover, unlike Vietnam and Iraq, where abandoning the countries lost the peace.