Stan Grant continues doublespeak on statue vandalism


A statue of Captain James Cook in Sydney’s Hyde Park is just one of a number to have been vandalised with graffiti carrying the slogans “change the date” and “no pride in genocide”. It is just one of the latest incidents in a wave of vandalism against statues celebrating European history in countries where Europeans have carved out successful, or at least formerly successful nations, such as the USA, Australia and South Africa.

Heated debate was sparked this week by Stan Grant. In case you’ve forgotten who he is..

He published an article where he used clever language to give him plausible deniability, to essentially dog-whistle for the removal of statues commemorating Australia’s British heritage. In the words of Moses Apostaticus:

“Writing for their ABC last Friday, Stan was moved by the statue of evil white male Captain Cook in Hyde Park, Sydney, to make his call for the destruction of white Australian identity. Being clever, Stan says that he doesn’t want to see the statue taken down, but that “There are indigenous people who for good reason would prefer to see it removed.”

“We know what you’re saying, Stan. It’s like the old ‘moderate’ Muslim trick: “I don’t mind if you criticise Islam, but there are terrorists who will come blow you up if you keep doing it”. Subtle.”

It ironic that people like Stan Grant like to accuse columnists such as Andrew Bolt, sites like The XYZ or politicians such as Donald Trump, of dog whistling to all the so-called “bigots” out there whenever they raise important questions such as whether a country has the right to protect its borders, or the fact that terror is at the heart of Islam, rather than a perversion or extreme interpretation of the ideology. Stan Grant writes a provocative piece about the statue of James Cook, and a few days later, the same statue gets vandalised.


This photo was posted in a Facebook group discussing the Statue Question, with words to the effect of bulldoze the statues:

The next stage of Stan’s operation is now in effect. This is the part where, again borrowing from the Islamic playbook, he claims that his comments have been taken out of context. Here is the headline from the Australian:

And here is a a sample:

“ABC indigenous affairs editor Stan Grant has slammed the vandals responsible for defacing Hyde Park statues, saying their “disgusting criminal behaviour” dishonoured indigenous Australians.

“Grant, who sparked fierce public debate earlier in the week when he called for amendments to the inscriptions on colonial statues, said the statues in Sydney’s Hyde Park were a part of the nation’s history and should not be removed..

“It is disgraceful criminal behaviour. They (vandals) don’t support indigenous people, they dishonour us,” Grant told The Australian.”

One suspects that he is more upset that people inspire by his writing have made him look bad.  I wonder if Google will shut him down for spreading hate and violence..

“This is a democracy and we should conduct ourselves with dignity and respect. Those statues are our history they tell us who we have been which is why I would not want them removed.

“I want a national story that speaks for us all. You don’t achieve that by illegally smearing monuments…

“I have advocated freeing ourselves from the damaging legacy of history, not chaining ourselves to the past,” he said.”

Notice the doublespeak.

The statues “tell us who we have been.” As leftists always like to remind us, they are changing this nation, whether we like it or not. “I want a national story that speaks for us all.” He wants us all to recognise the discovery of Australia and its subsequent colonisation by Great Britain as an invasion, and he wants the convoluted story of conflict between aboriginals and British settlers to be labelled a genocide. The left have been pushing this narrative for decades, and have been directly attacking our monuments for decades, in order to push through a cultural genocide of European history.  That is what he means when he says “freeing ourselves from the damaging legacy of history.” Until Europeans relent and state in unison that we love Big Brother, opportunistic communists such as Grant will continue to divisively argue that our British history divides us.

He wants to continue the agitation, to continue to undermine our British legacy.  This is not something that is going to go away, and if ever it comes to state sanctioned vandals removing the statue of Captain Cook from Hyde Park, Stan will be there lecturing why it is a good thing.

Finally, I found this quite insidious:

“Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull responded by saying Grant was “dead wrong” and that “rewriting history”, “editing statues” and “deleting Australia Day” was a Stalinist exercise to blank out parts of history.

“Grant said he didn’t think Turnbull was responding to what he wrote and that he and the PM were in agreement with each other.

“He says we shouldn’t edit history — I totally agree.” he said. “I think we should enlarge it and include indigenous perspectives.”

Malcolm Turnbull launched what seemed like a fully-fledged defence of Australia’s British legacy, while acknowledging the good and the bad. As previously argued, when Grant says he want to “enlarge it and include indigenous perspectives” he means he wants fundamentally alter the way we view the foundation of Australia. The “I agree with you” line is classic gaslighting, utilised to lower our defences and accept the narrative that our ancestors were evil, with the aim of making us pliable to any solution the left offer us in order to atone for our artificial guilt.  The left is attacking at full throttle in order to force Australians to view the establishment of our country as an original sin, in order to demographically displace Australians of British heritage, and ultimately to implement economic Marxism.

However, in one respect I suspect that Grant may be right. Turnbull has been virtue signalling relentlessly to the right, in response to the growing popularity of Pauline Hanson at the expense of the Liberal/National coalition. Something tells me the traitor Turnbull isn’t actually that far removed ideologically from the likes of Grant. Given a free reign, he may not be the most reliable defender of Australia’s grand past.