Viewer Poll: Should the ABC be shut down, its offices demolished, and its staff tried for treason?


The XYZ’s Viewer PollIs the ABC massively biased to the left, and in breach of its charter?” was a runaway success, after ABC-supporting luvvies raided The XYZ and pushed the total number of votes over the 5000 mark.

The yes vote carried the day by a slim margin; thank you to all regular XYZ viewers for your hard work and resolve in this matter. As I pointed out though, even if we lose, we win. The last few days has seen the planting of many a red pill in the minds of many a lefty.

The article on the website itself has garnered over 100 comments, and it has attracted hundreds more on Facebook. A stand out is the following from Ralphy, who has encapsulated our concerns regarding the ABC quite beautifully:

A particular bugbear of mine. What really smarts is the smugness they have in being convinced of their “elite” station in life and the haughty superciliousness with which they treat Conservatives.

The mockery, scorn, sneer, derision, contempt and “panel” bullying backed by rigged audiences is profoundly embedded and worse, paid for by the object of their denunciations.
Three things stand out for me that are equally serious.

1. Despite being a taxpayer funded entity with clear impartiality constraints NO political party to date will take them on because of the power they now hold. They are now a real threat to democracy.

2. The absence of balanced argument in giving both or more sides of a story is daily being fed into classrooms all over Australia. This effective poisoning of the minds of our next generations by leaving them ignorant of powerful arguments and viewpoints from some of our best and brightest is simple child abuse.

3. Their attack on our traditions including our foundational Judeo/Christian morality, our duty to protect our people with sovereign legitimate borders, our legitimate immigration concerns, our AGW concerns, our belief in distinct genders, of freedom of speech and assembly, of development of natural resources, our non-racist absorption of cultures we are compatible with, our real compassion for our indigenous peoples and the infirm whilst all the while being committed to the individual taking responsibilty for their own advancement in life and eschewing the notion that somehow” this great country owes us all a living”, must be rebutted.

We must undertake a demolition of the current structure of the ABC in starting again with the first brick being re-laid.

It is thus that present a new Viewer Poll, presenting a positive solution to the ABC Question.

Should the ABC be shut down, its offices demolished, and its staff tried for treason?

  • Yes (87%, 1,830 Votes)
  • No (13%, 279 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,109

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