Black Pigeon Speaks: Britain was never “A Nation of Immigrants”


In this video, Black Pigeon Speaks demolishes the myth that Britain was “a nation of immigrants”.

DNA evidence demonstrates that native Britains have much the same DNA as their ancestors from several thousand years ago. It even shows that people from the various tribes of Britain have largely remained within their traditional tribal regions for several thousand years.

The last successful invasion which fundamentally altered the culture of Britain occurred nearly 1000 years ago, when the Normans defeated the Saxons at the Battle of Hastings in 1066. From 1066 until the early 18th Century, there was virtually no migration to England.

Around 70,000 French Hugenot migrated to England from the 18th Century onward. Many more than that number now migrate to England, from cultures far less compatible, every month.

In short, the slogan that Britain is a “nation of immigrants” is a lie, devised by the left, to destroy the indigenous heritage of Great Britain. They honestly think that if they can do it, they can have their accursed socialism.

Don’t let them.