What’s Brown and Green and red all over?

Freda Brown and Fidel Castro.

New South Whale

In the last article we reviewed the “Safe” schools phenomenon – an attack by the radical homosexualist left on the children of Australia. We asked ourselves how did progressivism in Australia come to this? Now we wade into the murky waters of history, dredge up some radical progressives, take them back to the lab, and examine their DNA under the microscope in order to see if they have anything in common with their modern day counterparts. Exhibit A is an extraordinary account from the Cowra Guardian dated Friday March 19th 1948. The setting is a public meeting held in that country town in New South Wales. The speaker was the fanatical communist, Mrs Freda Yetta Brown. A few years later Freda would give birth to her daughter Lee Brown, now better known as the Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon:

Mr B.J. Poignand: I would like to ask the Honorable Member for Moscow one question. Earlier you stated that you owed no loyalty to the throne. Is that correct?

Mrs Freda Brown: You are wrong. I did not state that. But I will say it now.

Mr Poignand: In the event of a war with Russia, will the Communist Party be on the side of Russia or Australia?

Mrs Freda Brown: I am Australian. I take Umbrage at that cheap joke about the Member for Moscow. I owe no allegiance to the throne. I would rather see that quarter of a million pounds that is to be used to entertain three people, used to send food parcels to Europe, or used to build homes for Australians. If there is a war with America and Russia, I hope that Australia will not send her manpower to help a country little better than the Fascist countries we have been fighting. If there was war between America and Great Britain on which side would you fight?

“Britain”, came a concerted roar from the audience.

Mrs Freda Brown: “At a meeting I addressed last week, I asked that and people there said “America”. “I say that the Communist Party would support Russia if it were fighting a war against America.”

Freda continues on about objecting to Australian soldiers being used by imperialist American forces and the “people of America taking a stand against warmongering policies of big business and monopolies etc (some text missing as the original is torn). Then Mr F Hall spoke:

Mr F Hall: I will move that this meeting, convened by the Communist Party, ask the Federal Government to declare the Communist Party an illegal organisation.

The Chairman: I will not take a motion. You can ask questions, but I will not take any motions.

Mr F. Hall: This is a public meeting, and I have moved a motion. You can’t refuse to accept a motion.

The Chairman: I will not accept any motion.

Mr J McCracken: I will second the motion.

Mr. F Hall: I will put the motion to the meeting. All those in favour of the motion….

The motion was carried by an overwhelming majority.

Mrs Brown started to speak angrily. At this point everyone got up and started to walk out. Suddenly a member of the audience, Mr B.J. Poigland, jumped up on the stage, and opened the piano. As he started to play “God Save the King”, those walking out, immediately stopped and commenced to sing the national anthem.

There were several people who refrained from singing. Five remained seated. Two stood up half-way through the anthem. At the conclusion of the anthem, Mrs Brown jumped up on to the stage and issued a challenge to anyone in the hall to meet her in the street today and debate the question in the open, and not in front of a packed meeting.

This rare gem comes from Volume 1 of Mrs Freda Brown’s extensive ASIO surveillance files. Freda is obviously no stranger to politics. Note how she dodges the question about loyalty to Australia, first feigning offence at the “Member for Moscow” joke, next asking a question before finally answering the question – she would support Russia in a war against America. In that, she foretold of future communist treachery as the CPA would enthusiastically support the enemy with propaganda and protests, while young Australian soldiers died in Korea and Vietnam. To add insult to injury, the history of those wars are now told through the biased perspective of leftist historians.

Later in life Mrs Freda Brown would receive the Lenin “Peace” Prize for her Loyalty to Moscow. She was not your garden variety, well-meaning, peace loving, useful idiot. Her unwavering support for Soviet foreign policy was not provided unwittingly. She was in a position of knowing more than the average Westerner in that period of the terror, the human carnage, the mass murder, that was Soviet communism.

In the modern context of the safe schools program or the homosexualist attack on marriage, it is hard to discern the useful idiots from the leaders. It seems that everyone on the left, from the incontinent members of GetUp to the crackpot academics, all spew out the same rhetoric. So who is running this shit show? It’s certainly not democracy.

Ronald Reagan’s description of Communism in his Evil Empire speech provides some clues. Reagan described communism as the second oldest religion because it goes right back to the rejection of God’s laws in the Garden, when Satan tempted Eve by saying Ye’ Shall be like Gods. The disobedience and rejection of God, the atheism, culture of death, destruction of society, is where the Marxist and the radical islam threat are pretty much one and the same thing. Whether radical islamists are throwing homosexuals off buildings or homosexualists are throwing christians off buildings it really doesn’t matter. What matters is that people are thrown off buildings – death and destruction.

If that sounds alarming then try reading some stories from within Soviet Russia, Cambodia under Pol Pot or Vietnam. You will see that these terrorist states work as an evil killing machine. The individuals themselves are trapped and often unwilling participants in the killing, or the victims – plain evil. I think it was reading Kim Phuc’s “The Girl in The Picture”, where I learned that Viet Cong soldiers were chained to their heavy machine guns to ensure they fought to the death. American soldiers may have been conscripted into a war but they were not chained up like dogs. Your kids won’t learn this in their school history class. Nor will they learn about the Columbia’s FARC (Marxist) rebels rape and forced abortions, the abuse of their own child soldier recruits.

Fortunately on an individual level there is good reason to hope for even the most hardened progressive. After all, we are all human and we are all sinners, and if we search for God we will surely find the winning side. We must get this message out through all the noise. We can not stand by and watch as more useful idiots go on to feed the progressive death machine.

Freda Brown’s outspoken loyalty to a foreign power would surely be unthinkable now – what with the current media frenzy over some sketchy allegations of Russian influence in the US election. Well actually it probably reminds you of the member for China – Sam Dastyri. One thing that has changed in the intervening years is the patriotism. In Australia today, the words, “loyalty to the throne”, would most likely be associated with the toilet rather than patriotism. Teaching children to be proud to be Australian is unheard of, yet we are supposed to believe that children need to be taught to be proud to be homosexual or transgender.

Freda was born in Sydney. Her father had been jailed for his “objections to World War 1”. The First World War and the Russian Revolution apparently inspired many a silly Australian to join the Communist cause, at least for a while. Freda’s parents’ involvement in this are unknown. Freda was like many lifelong communists, who happily betrayed their own country in the pursuit of a brave new world. It is not known exactly what led Freda down the path to radicalisation but we can assume that her parents’ influence played some part. With a jailbird father, she probably had a rough childhood and she had to work peeling peaches in a jam factory to support her family during the Depression, instead of what she had hoped for – to study science at University. Freda Brown’s husband was described by ASIO officers like this:

“Bill Brown is motivated by his love for the socialist system and a loyalty to the Soviet cause. He is totally dedicated to these causes.”

An ASIO officer’s comment in 1956 about Freda:

“Freda Brown is good hearted, but would be a bad enemy. She is pugnacious and fanatical in regard to all CP of A matters. She is a devoted wife and mother.”

Asio image: Freda and Lee Brown.

It is ironic (considering the nature of Marxism) that the enduring marriages of a few communists like Freda and Bill Brown played a significant role in the passing on of their fanaticism to the next generation. Lee Brown dutifully followed her parents atheism. She went on to take over the reins of Moscow’s propaganda machine in Australia, becoming the editor of “Survey” magazine. In 2010 when Rhiannon’s eldest son was found guilty and jailed for drug-dealing, Lee accompanied him in court making her a devoted mother too. The drift to drug dealing might signal a return to capitalism for the next generation..

Freda Brown’s obituary emphasises her involvement with many a “good cause” like the Union of Australian Women. The fact that a lot of these “good causes” just happened to be fronts for the Communist Party is an important point which was missed by the writer. Journalists, like historians, are often infected with the same left-leaning disease.

Freda and Gorby.

In 1986, Mrs Brown was still the welcome guest in Moscow. When the airline called to say her first class booking was unavailable, she was horrified at the idea of travelling in economy class. She said “its a nightmare” travelling all that way from Tokyo to Moscow in economy class, and insisted that the booking was fixed – pretty funny for someone who was supposed to be such a champion of the working class. Of course, Communist leaders do like to live in luxury while the workers starve.

The CPA themselves had finally had enough of Stalinism after the invasion of Czechoslavakia. According to Laurie Aarons, 1964 was the first time that “we made any sort of mild public criticism of the soviet party”. The Browns however, remained loyal to Moscow. According to Mark Aaron’s biography “The family file”, Freda accused the Aarons of abandoning class struggle to pursue “trendy middle-class causes”, like the environment. It is ironic that Rhiannon would later defend her parents’ involvement with Communism by pointing out all the other causes they were involved in; “Aboriginal rights, the Vietnam War, anti­-Apartheid and women’s rights”.

Eventually the Browns left the CPA and started up the Moscow-loyal Socialist Party of Australia (SPA). At that time Lee Rhiannon went straight from the editor of the pro-Soviet “Survey” magazine to member of the NSW Greens. Lee Rhiannon is a living fossil of Soviet communism.

The Russian leadership have acknowledged the terrible atrocities of their past, while we are still waiting for Lee Rhiannon to recant the errors of her own ways. In a recent ABC interview, she was still making excuses for Soviet dictators:

“Senator Rhiannon travelled to Russia with her then partner in the 1970s and studied political economy, philosophy and Marxist philosophy.

“She said it was an enlightening time experiencing life under Brezhnev. “We were in the middle of the Cold War, remember,” she says.

“And this is a country that’s been invaded so many times and that rigidity, in terms of how they interact with their own people and the world, I think is explained by that.”

This line echoes another quote from a draft of a new Victorian history high school text, “Causes of World War Two” which reads, “The Bolsheviks had to be ruthless to survive”. It is alarming to note that those who write the history books see eye to eye with radicals like Rhiannon. They somehow see the need to make excuses for the Bolsheviks. I can also recall from my own high school class that our study of the rise of Nazism conveniently ended around the night of broken glass. There was no mention of the Nazi-Soviet pact which lasted from 1939 to 1941. The Nazis and the Communists are different sides of the same coin. I don’t think we will ever see or want to see excuses for Hitler and the Nazis (how about, Hitler was a homosexual so he had to be ruthless to survive?) and there is no excuses for Lenin and the Bolsheviks and their murderous Cheka either.

The Communist agenda of class struggle was never popular with the Australian people. The CPA would be forced to hide behind other trendy middle-class causes like aboriginal rights, the environment and nuclear disarmament. Eventually they would try to shrug off the communist label altogether as they became the Greens.