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This is the first in a series of articles that trace the history of “progressive” politics in Australia. We start with the context of the divisive “Safe Schools” program.

In early 2016, a few ugly truths were revealed about the “Safe Schools” program. The program is a product of the Latrobe University’s Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society (ARCSHS) which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. In its 2016 annual report is a letter from their new distinguished ambassador, Justice Michael Kirby, who writes:

“The experience of humanity over the last century has been that the road of wisdom runs through pathways of empirical research…”

Michael Kirby photo
Michael Kirby. Photo by Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer

At this point we might consider that the single biggest story of the last century would be Russia’s bloody experiment with communism. This was full-scale “empirical research” into an ideology that opposes traditional morality. It was full steam ahead and bugger the icebergs, so it comes as no surprise that it was a massive failure. We’ll get back to this topic, but now let’s continue along Kirby’s “road of wisdom”:

“This is where the work of the Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society comes in. It is why I am proud to be an Ambassador to support its mission and to promote the methodology of empirical research in this field. I know from my own early life of the burdens that are cast upon innocent people by ignorant and unscientific attitudes. An important step to changing this feature of humanity was the research of Alfred Kinsey at Indiana University in the United States of America in the 1940s and 1950s. His empirical research into the sexual behaviour of human beings helped to demolish a great deal of hostility based on ignorance; yet the hostility remains today in Australia and the world.“

Alfred Kinsey.

Kinsey was a zoologist now infamous for his sex experiments on infants, toddlers and children. Many hundreds of boys and girls were subjected to abuse in the name of his “experimental science”. The victims of these crimes might disagree with Kirby’s glowing assessment of Kinsey’s work. Today we have a generation of Aussie kids who are forced to participate in the great safe schools experiment. In its proper place, human sexuality is a great gift with its loving and life-giving potential. The proper place for human sexuality is in the loving permanent relationship between an adult man and woman which we call marriage. This is not religion; this the natural law. We don’t need zoologists to compare our human sexuality with the polygamous practices of pelicans or the homosexual inclinations of hamsters or the gender of the barramundi. The common human experience is that, when sexuality is removed from its rightful place in marriage, it becomes a harmful weapon of mass human destruction. Sexual degeneracy leads to nothing but misery for the individual and society. The terrible human cost of child abuse, adultery and pornography are very serious matters that will not be solved by empirical research or an invented alternative morality system.

The Safe Schools diversity recipe includes pansexualism, gender queerism, transgendering, and a bit of gay-straight alliancing and hetero-shaming thrown in for added flavour. This brew has been fermenting away quietly for many years. The radical group of queer academics at ARCSHS have taken their victim-playing game to the next level and won a couple of early battles. Now they have their very own Culture War. Somehow they succeed in getting government funding year in and year out for their unscientific transgender clap-trap and student-led rainbow activism. Safe Schools was quietly pushed into schools across Australia under the pretence of an anti-bullying program. The program itself is hell-bent on sexualising children and normalising all forms of degenerate sexual behaviour. A skim through the well-funded titles produced by the ARCSHS is enlightening; take their “Building Respectful Relationships program,” for example, which includes no less than 143 mentions of pornography in the teachers’ notes. This is the immersion technique for teaching pornography:

“Although we know students accidentally come across pornography, we cannot assume Year 8 students are familiar with it. This issue therefore needs to be handled sensitively; it should not be seen in any way as a request for students to go home and see what they can find online.”

No, of course the teacher wouldn’t want that. In fact, the kids won’t have to wait until they get home because:

“It is best to deal with pornography in a matter-of fact way so students know what the word means.”

Sorry, parents. That’s right, they may be young and innocent, but by the time these students finish their matter-of-fact pornographic high school education, they will have all the skills required for a rewarding career in the sex industry.

These academics are a special lot. They are trusted with the important task of transforming sexual perversion and degeneracy into something sounding much more socially acceptable. They do this using simple word games like calling it “diversity” and “tolerance”. Their sexual revolution still has a long way to go. The normalisation of pedophilia has always been their next frontier in the sexual liberation agenda. Fortunately they have not seen much progress in this area since this was written over twenty years ago:

“There are many ways to conceptualize childhood and adolescent sexual activity, but most of them ignore the agency of the youngsters themselves. This is particularly common in the orthodoxies about pedophilia in the West, despite considerable empirical work”.

The ignorant bigots of middle-class Australia now look on in disgust. Their tolerance is fast running out. Large sections of the media and politicians rally behind this stupid experiment. They say it’s all about stopping bullying – it’s even a life-saving program. Not surprisingly, the leftist Fairfax media (Sydney Morning Homosexual as someone recently renamed it) attacked anyone who opposed the program as an ignorant homophobic. A handful of leftist student activists went further and physically attacked the office of Cory Bernardi, presumably while chanting Neo-Marxist slogans about the need to destroy private property. The most recent example of Stalinist behaviour by our Safe Schools comrades was vandalism and death threats made against the Christian Democrats Party in the ACT this week. This was in response to the CDP putting up a few placards saying Safe Schools is unsafe for children – which it is.

The true aims of the program were revealed by our very own Marxist of the Year, Roz Ward. She is the co-founder of Safe Schools who was earlier caught on camera explaining, ‘(It’s) not about stopping bullying, (It’s) about gender and sexual diversity’ and ‘If and when parents do complain then school leadership can (say) we’re doing it anyway, tough luck’. Included in the “Safe Schools” package are other devious ways to circumvent parental authority, ‘It may be possible to consider a student a mature minor and able to make decisions without parental consent’. The Safe Schools website (now removed) contained links to online sex shops and pornography. In the immediate aftermath of their revelation in Parliament, most of the links quickly disappeared overnight like gender fairy magic. Of course, Safe Schools’ connection to Minus18 remains. The Minus18 website contains haphazard advice on sexuality and gender issues, written by teens for teens. This advice included articles on how to delete your web browsing history, ‘Making sure no one sees what you’re searching for online is kind of an important thing when you’re not out’. Then there was chest binding and penis tucking advice, ‘If you notice any pain in your chest, give yourself a breather and try to restrict yourself to no more than 8 hours binding at a time’. That useful piece of advice has been replaced with “Healthier and Safer Ways to Bind your Chest”. The positive body image stuff obviously doesn’t apply to their target audience. Apparently the modern solution to gender confusion is to try to physically change your body. Feet binding worked for hundreds of years in Asia and in ancient Egypt, whole body binding was the only way to prepare mummies for the afterlife. Maybe binding will catch on again here. The idea of chest binding and penis tucking created quite a stir in the media.

The Royal Children’s Hospital “Gender Service” website is now warning of a “a long wait list to access the service,” because “being transgender… is a matter of diversity, not pathology”. The best way to deal with first world diversity problem is to put the kids on hormones (I can just imagine a super-sized rooster here saying “Doc, this just ain’t diverse enough, I think I need more of the stuff”). Puberty-blocking hormones for the little ones and irreversible cross-gender hormones for the confused teens – this is a great way to prepare gender questioning kids for a lifetime of self-inflicted mental torment. Follow this up with chemical castration and surgical mutilation and Bob’s your uncle, you’re a confused adult in a mutilated body. If these kids make it into their twenties or thirties alive they will deserve a medal, but thanks to the mental mess that these “caring” Politicians, teachers and trendy parents have got them in, they probably won’t.

The Minus18 website’s advice on the ‘not-so-scary world of sexually transmitted infections’ is really funny, ‘There is nothing wrong with having an STI, it doesn’t make you dirty or undesirable, and you can still have safe sex even if you or your partner has one’. Now, the website has added some new advice on dropping out of year twelve, “Dropping out has many negative connotations with it, in today’s society, but in reality, it can be a really fulfilling and amazing experience”. You guessed where this is leading, “I started getting really involved with Minus18, helping out the MinusTV Crew and the communications team. Before I knew it, I was comfortable, confident and learning more than I had in my last two years of VCE! I’ve been sticking to volunteer work since, and a year later I’m looking to start some internships, and look for paid work in the skills Minus18 has taught me.” Good for you, anonymous high school drop-out – I’m sure that other drop-out Premier Daniel Andrews will find a well paid job for you in his rainbow bottomry department. Yesterday’s high school drop-outs are handing out free advice to tomorrow’s high school drop-outs. That’s what progress looks like today.

Over the years, ARCSHS did some surveys of same-sex attracted (SSA) and gender questioning (GQ) young people in Australia. The respondents were recruited through advertising targeting SSA and GQ young people in schools, universities etc. In the first survey they struggled to find any transgender people at all. So they widened that category by calling it “gender questioning”. The respondents comments revealed some of the miserable reality behind all the psycho-sexual banter. With high levels of abuse, self-contempt, self-harm, alcohol, drug abuse and suicide among these young people, who in their right mind would wish that lot on any child? Most of the comments made by SSA and GQ young people reinforced the binary nature of both sexuality and gender. Comments like, “Not really sure yet, physically female but not sure mentally. I feel most comfortable in guys clothes and when I am treated like a guy but I still wouldn’t define myself as transgender, not yet anyway,” (Ashley, 17 years). These comments hardly supported the radical ideas of fluid gender and gender spectrums pushed by Safe Schools Coalition. Either way, they applied to older teenagers and not the youngest ones targeted by Safe Schools. They did reinforce the need for young people to be supported by their parents, family and friends. In their warped Safe Schools textbook definition, “Gender identity refers to a person’s sense of being masculine or feminine, or both or neither”. Despite the best efforts to find people that fitted their theories, they never did find anyone that identified as “both or neither”. I’m sure with all their wonderful education programs in schools, someone will put their hand up as a neither gender on the next survey. Just like climate change, the science of gender change is settled – don’t argue with the experts!

Communist party australia photo
Traitors. Photo by jfantenb

The revelations about “Safe Schools” are a wake-up call and the start of a journey – a search for answers. Why do the Safe Schools Coalition enjoy so much support from both major parties and the media? Amongst the progressives in Australia who embrace the ideas of gender theory, the smashing of the patriarchy, the destruction of the family and the attack on organised religion are those little minority who are particularly adept at the lying, cheating, stealing business required to carry out a cultural revolution. These are the special types who gave up on class struggle when they finally realised they didn’t belong to the working class. These were the slow ones who still making excuses for Soviet communism long after the Soviets stopped making excuses for themselves. Some members of ARCSHS may well be celebrating the 100th year anniversary of the Bolshevik revolution of 1917. The history of mass murder under bloodthirsty Communist dictatorships was proof enough for most people that putting the theories of Karl Marx into practice results in death by mass murder. Simply put, Marxism equals death. These days it seems, many Australians are blissfully ignorant of how close death lurks around the corner from what they are told is “progress”. In the next article we will look at how some of the most backward ideologies of the very unpopular Communist Party of Australia (CPA) are carried forward by the unpopular but powerful progressive forces of today.

A couple of years ago, Justice Kirby talked to ABC radio on the occasion of launching his book about his ASIO file. He recollected his first encounter with ASIO on a trip to the zoo when he was just twelve years old. They were “followed around from the Lion’s den to the Giraffe section” by the agents. Now undoubtedly in this story, the lion was not lyin’ and the giraffe was not a tall story. However, in general the left have enjoyed great success in whitewashing over the truth in the last century. They know how to use propaganda to try to push through their next experiment in alternate morality. In the next couple of articles we’ll explore a few examples including a discussion of four generations of former ABC journalist Mark Aarons’ family. The Aarons were the royal family of the CPA. Comrade Lee Brown (now Senator Lee Rhiannon) was loyal to the Soviets until the bitter end. Then there is Alger Hiss. Hiss was a communist traitor who is one of the most influential American traitors in history.


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