MSM Drop Narrative that ‘Georgia Election Will Be a Referendum on the Trump Presidency’


This is a textbook case of how fake news works folks. What you might call a smoking gun. For days, the consensus of the still hysterical MSM and their psuedo alt. media sycophants has been that the result in Georgia will be a referendum on the Trump presidency. As it turns out, they were correct in their assumption that this would be the case, but as usual they failed miserably in measuring the hopes and dreams of people outside New York and L.A.

Here’s what Slate said prior to the poll; the Daily Wire astutely collated a whole raft of other examples back in April. I saw many examples including on CNN in recent days, all towing the referendum line. Curiously, many of these articles are no longer available.

The MSM have literally turned their own established narrative right on its head. What was categorically a referendum on the Trump presidency 48 hours ago is now to be taken with a grain of salt. These people are so ideologically driven that they still can’t imagine a planet in which people see a guy they have designated as Hitler in an entirely different light. Hardly surprising when you look at the leap of MSM logic it takes to completely ignore very real Russian connections while simultaneously coming up with fanciful ones.

Conservative media are understandably having a field day with this, as well they should. Everyone bags out Fox over bias, but at least they aren’t silly enough to leave themselves with their d**k in their hand by proclaiming that an upcoming and always uncertain election is literally a referendum on their own ideology or that of their opponents. The idiocy of staking all of your core beliefs on the outcome of a vote that people you don’t even understand (you know, deplorable types) are deciding, is breathtaking.

The lying MSM took a gamble, and lost big time. Now watch as they figuratively destroy the evidence. Let’s help them with their headlines. The people of Georgia voted against their own interests. It’s more evidence of racism in America. Hatred still runs deep in the South. These are the headlines that you’ll see. Don’t buy it. It’s all damage control. The MSM have well and truly jumped the shark on this one.

These are some more accurate headlines. Lazy MSM polls identity politics-obsessed Atlanta college students to gauge the vibe of entire state. MSM became zombie extras on location in Georgia on AMC’s Walking Dead without even realising it. We were wrong: Referendum reflects that Americans seem reasonably happy with Trump.

You won’t see any of these headlines in MSM, and their departments of truth are already erasing all reference to referendums in Georgia.

It’s your XYZ.

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