Greens Lee Rhiannon May Seek Asylum in Kekistan to Escape Patriarcal Mansplaining and Bullying by Richard DiNatalie


Lee Rhiannon has been absented from the Greens due to her wrong think, probably due to her insufficient level of progressivism, and possibly due to her white privilege. The likes of Richard D and Sarah Hyphen Young will only ever identify as a man, and a woman respectively. But you can bet the state acquired farm that when one of their colleagues strays off the watermelon reservation they’ll be mercilessly identified as the other, ‘all of the white people’.

Some ugly Menshevik.

Lee Rhiannon finds herself like Ogre in Revenge of the Nerds 2. Once the bully of Louis and Booger, she now finds herself hurled onto a desert island along with them, anxiously looking for a way off while progressive sharks circle in the shallows waiting to finish her off, lusting after her blood even more than their ideological others. Scientologists are wary of non-Scientologists. But they have a pathological special kind of hatred of former believers who’ve fled into the night with the clothes on their back. This is what Lee Rhiannon had a crash course in overnight.

Make no mistake, this story speaks more about Greens and Cultural Marxism than it does about the ostracised party member. The centrist and right side of politics allows for wriggle room without one’s own side demanding merciless retribution. That’s why we see high profile people like Milo given airtime by conservatives, while the left demonises someone like Dave Rubin even more than Mark Levin or Rush Limbaugh.

Lee Rhiannon was not disciplined for corruption, or impropriety, or any of the usual reasons. Unless you count wrong think as impropriety, and we don’t want to go down that road. Lee claims she’s being bullied. Truer words have never been spoken by a Green. Like Bret Weinstein at Evergreen College, it’s a colossal miscalculation to think you’ll ever be progressive enough to keep up to speed on the treadmill. Whether its national socialists, or globalist socialists, they always come for you in the end.

Even still, I think it’s time to get behind Lee Rhiannon. She’s been a useful idiot to the left for a long time, so let’s make her our useful idiot:


Share the hashtag on Greens social media. Hashtags are all these people understand. Here’s a few more you might want to share with them:

#GreensSoWhite. #DiNatalie#WarOnWomen#Mansplaining. #SarahHansonYoung#SisterhoodBetrayal.

And to Lee Rhiannon herself, I’d say chin up. You may be oppressed by a patriarchal Marxist regime right now, but you can always seek asylum in Kekistan where everyone is Green.

It’s your XYZ.

Photo by lockthegate