Griffin Goes to the Gulag

The picture and tweet which has gotten Kathy Griffin fired from CNN.

See comedians? This is what happens to those who capitulate. This is why it’s simply impossible to bargain or reason with the white noise of Cultural Marxism. It must not be allowed to proliferate figurative nukes. Why? Because as soon as the technology is there and accepted as fair play, somebody else will use it.

A funny thing happened some time ago, long before Trump was even a Presidential twinkle in the eye of the Deplorables. Comedians were a cynical bunch. They didn’t take s**t from anyone. Sure, a lot of them were left-leaning, but if something was nonsensical, they took no prisoners.

Then the ministry of truth weighed in on their acts with some friendly advice on what was funny, and what was unacceptable. They drew a line in the sand just beyond the toes of the current crop of comics eager for love and attention and yelled “don’t you f**king move! We’re watching you!”.

The greats would have told them where to go. George Carlin would have rattled off ‘Ten Things You Can’t Say to a Non-Binary Gender Individual on Television’. Richard Pryor would have said “F**k that Jack!”. Sam Kinison would have likely screamed incomprehensibly in their face until they passed out.

But what did the current crop of comics do? Nothing. They signed the terms of surrender as the first foot soldier appeared on the horizon. Worse still, they collaborated. Comics like Sarah Silverman, who made their bones on jokes that would inspire Antifa protests today, actually weighed in on the inappropriateness of others and loudly moralised over what was no longer funny.

They thought everything would be fine. It was people who shared their politics running the Gulags, so what could possibly go wrong? The only problem with creating new weapons and scattering in the sand for anyone to come along and pick up is…well…anyone can come along and pick them up. When the left boycotted businesses that were perceived as ‘trans-phobic’ out of existence, it was only a matter of time before the right cottoned on and boycotted businesses that were perceived as ‘inclusive’ out of existence.

The aptly named Target received both barrels of this new tactic, and has never quite recovered. In a classic case of not knowing your market, Target decided to virtue signal loudly on the Transgender issue. The only problem was, their key demographic were people struggling to make ends meet, who didn’t particularly have a lot of time for the politics surrounding the surgical adventures of a bunch of confused bipolar people suffering from affluenza. Target stocks plummeted, and the irony was that your average, well-heeled Transgender person wouldn’t be seen dead in a Target store peeing in an all gender restroom, or loosening their purse strings in the ladies section to support their corporate ally.

And now Kathy Griffin finds herself squarely in the firing line. Literally. Kathy, meet Justine Sacco. You two have a lot in common. Justine was the first high profile casualty of the shaming war on the conservative side. Kathy is the first high profile victim on the left. Kathy’s main mistake wasn’t a severed Trump head. It was the grovelling apology.

This is actually funny.

Kathy, what were you thinking? You’ve been part of a torch and pitchfork waving Hollywood community for so long, you should know what happens when you apologise to the bloodthirsty mob. The apology doesn’t result in forgiveness you silly woman. The apology is laying down your samurai sword, kneeling before the shogun, and having him decapitate you and your bloodline.

Now I’m not one of those tired Never Trumpers. But I actually would have respected Kathy had she stuck to her guns. But she has exposed this new wave of comics for what they are. These people pretend to be subversive, but they gave that away somewhere around the time Justine Sacco touched down in Africa. They talk the talk when it comes to Trump, but are too afraid to cross that line in the sand in front of their toes.

Perhaps if they hadn’t been too afraid to make the odd Obama joke that didn’t come across as gushingly sycophantic. Maybe a few gags about all those drone strikes, or Bengazi, or his backflip on whistleblowers? Hillary was more protected than the Condor for God’s sake. Maybe if they’d actually done their job as comedians holding politicians and people of all stripes to account instead of playing the role of adoring court jesters for eight years, it wouldn’t have come to this.

Now it’s time for comedians to decide. It’s clear now that thinned-skinned conservatives are just as eager to hold you to account over your jokes as thin-skinned social justice warriors. The Deplorables have the nuclear codes to the public shaming weapons. Are you going to grow a pair and jump over that line in the sand that your people drew, or is it off to the Gulag with Griffin?

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