Quote of the Day: Fake Refugees

A refugee camp, coming to a Western city near you.

One may be forgiven for suspecting that in recent months the Turnbull government, having realised that they face decimation as the delcons desert them, have been attempting to virtue signal to the right, particularly on immigration.

The XYZ’s Lucas Rosas and Adam Piggott have both made the case that the role of minor parties on the right, and the role of the increasing number of Aussie patriots who vote for them, is to drag the recalcitrant Liberal Party back to the sensible right.

Yesterday’s comments by Peter Dutton – that for 7500 people who came to Australia by boat under the previous Labor government, most without identity documents, “the game is up” and they face a deadline of October to lodge applications or face deportation – indicate that the strategy might be working. It has also triggered all the right people.

It is thus with great pleasure that we present The XYZ’s Quote of the Day:

“Fake Refugees”.

It’s your XYZ.

Photo by austinevan