Ingroup preference vs universalism


Black Pigeon Speaks is a rising star of the internet. He has the ability to convey a lot of information very succinctly and without fuss, and he gets to the heart of the threat that globalism poses to European identity.

I like this video because it presents history in the way I like to conceptualise it; how ideas can lead chronologically to new ideas, in logical steps, and how these ideas affect our lives today. At 17-18 minutes it is just long enough, and I find that even when you disagree with certain aspects of Black Pigeon’s arguments, you still learn.

The argument is made here that the record debt, the rampant moral and cultural degeneracy, and the demographic implosion and civilisational suicide which afflict the West are a direct result of two ideas which we generally consider core values of the West: universalism and egalitarianism.

Instead of elevating the Enlightenment idea that all men are created equal, Black Pigeon argues that Europeans need to work not only to preserve our culture, language, religion and homelands, but reorder our value system as well: To practice ingroup preference, ie, the tendency to favour one’s own group, to avoid the philosophical pitfalls which will inevitably lead to collapse.