Quote of the Day: Did Trump Get Played, or did Trump Just Play the Deep State?


The comments sections of XYZ newsfeeds regularly see some of the most intelligent analysis of current events on the internet, and reader responses to Donald Trump’s airstrike on a Syrian airfield in retaliation to an alleged chemical weapons attack by the Syrian regime on civilians, are no exception.

It is fair to say many of us on the right are a little sceptical of the MSM’s, and lefties’ in general, sudden support for military action by a Republican. The following sums this up well:

“President Trump is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t, because mainstream media won’t give him a fair and balanced response no matter what he does. The same TV presenters who said they were afraid that as president, Trump would drag the world into war… are the same news presenters who cried about the children being gassed in Syria and began beating drums along with the wail of why America wasn’t doing anything to put an end to this… though they may have privately been advocating taking in more refugees.”

No better example of this dialectic can be seen than in Carrie Bickmore’s tears on the Project:


Given she works next to a host adept in the art of gaslighting and taqiyya, an emotional response may well be all she has left. The Simpsons had something to say about that:

Even better than The XYZ newsfeed, however, are the dark corners of the internet. This analysis should give us all hope:

XYZ Quote of the Day.

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