Norse News: Swedes find their voice


It has been a rude shock as editor of an alternative news outlet to constantly discover over the last two years just how little I yet know about the world, and that takes a lot of work to remedy. So when Stefan Molyneux interviewed Ingrid Carlqvist from Norse News regarding the terrorist attack by an illegal immigrant from Uzbekistan using a truck which killed four people in Stockholm, I figured this was a good chance to expand my knowledge. Two episodes have been produced so far. This is episode 1, from early February:

I am used to hearing people from the Anglosphere talking about the dire situation in Sweden, so it is refreshing to hear Swedes discussing it themselves, openly and proudly displaying symbols of their glorious past, and doing something positive to help their country. They discuss issues such as no-go zones (yes they exist); the rape epidemic (yes it exists, and the strict laws unique to Sweden only account for a tiny fraction of the precipitous rise); the stifling politically correctly environment which sees anyone who challenges the Cultural Marxist narrative hounded by the press; and the idea of Sweden’s “Titanic Nationalism” – the idea that Swedes think that their country is unsinkable, but with the obvious analogy of the fast-approaching iceberg.

I am also used to hearing Europeans mince their words, so it was a hoot to hear a Swede refer to the “turd world”, and in general display a dark sense of humour to the farce that is Swedish politics. These people have local knowledge; Ingrid used to live in Malmo, and another presenter frequented a mall which is now a no-go zone.

What should give us hope is that the Swedes are finding a way to rebel. When a children’s author said in an interview that she no longer felt safe in Sweden due to mass migration, the MSM did its usual hatchet job on her, but her book sales went through the roof. Similarly, a Swedish musician received increased online sales when he spoke out. And the anti-immigrant Democrat party is the biggest in Sweden, although like Wilders’ Freedom Party in the Netherlands, is a political pariah, and likely to face an overwhelming coalition against it.

Returning to the need for humility regarding one’s knowledge of the world when working in the media, the footage of a Swedish journalist attempting to interview a Trump supporter in America, shown near the end of the broadcast, is a hilarious lesson to anyone working in the field of journalism to never assume that your subject is dumber than you.

You can view Ingrid Carlqvist’s interview with Stefan Molyneux here, and Norse News Episode 2: Trump Reveals the Real Sweden, here.

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