Sydney Morning Herald Conveniently Overlook Their Previous Coverage to Brand Trump as Irrational and Paranoid for Taking His Predecessor at His Word


Today’s red herring hurled by the mainstream media is that Donald Trump’s paranoia and instability have reached such dizzying heights that he even believes that the former President is rallying protesters. Here is the take on the story from the Sydney Morning Herald.

We all know that such a wild and insane scenario has never happened before. It isn’t like Kevin Rudd had an axe to grind against Julia Gillard for usurping him, and it beggars belief that Tony Abbott would ever do anything to make Malcolm Turnbull lose face. The whole notion is just crazy. Wherever might Trump get such a ridiculous idea?

Some random Kenyan..

Well, perhaps he got it from Obama himself, who carefully laid out his post-office plans late last year. You could assume that Fairfax dropped the ball and missed this story that was covered by news outlets worldwide. But they seemed to have been up to speed on his intentions from this story from the 31st of November in which Barack Obama is clearly rallying protesters.

If a former President encouraging dissent against his successor (even under the mealy-mouthed excuse of ‘fighting for U.S. values’) isn’t an act of undermining and destabilisation, then what is? Would it have been kosher for George W. Bush to rally Republican protesters to burn cars and buildings over the Affordable Health Care Act? Is it kosher, for that matter, for Fairfax and other mainstream media to disregard concrete statements without nuance in their own coverage to further a destabilising false narrative about a world leader who has lost his faculties?

Anyone who thinks that a President isn’t immune to being corrupted by the same influential lobbyists he was beholden to when he was in office when he leaves the White House is incredibly naive indeed. Obama makes it crystal clear that he has all of his ducks lined up in a row in the quotes about his plans once he left office. It’s plain for all to see when you look back at the November coverage that one of these plans is as a profitable provocateur, part of a lucrative insurgency.

With this piece of propaganda flying in the face of their previous reporting, Fairfax further cements its place as an obsolete purveyor of fake news. Trump isn’t paranoid about Obama’s post-presidency professional life. If anything, perhaps the President isn’t concerned enough.

It’s your XYZ.

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