Say it with a Picture – MSM is Manipulating Your Emotions

Image courtesy of Respect Australia Rally – National

There’s no doubt that there is great suffering in all war zones, and that the overwhelming majority of us are naturally moved to desire a prompt resolution and lasting peace for all involved.

But these laudable emotions are currently being manipulated by the mainstream media to invoke your support of various ‘progressive’ political actions (such as removing ourselves from current conflict zones or opening our borders to whoever chooses to travel here). These options may have initial emotional appeal, but are actually very likely to increase and extend this suffering, rather than reduce it.

Just because we are pained by the images we see about war does not mean that it is the right decision to simply remove ourselves from conflict altogether. The reality is that often a good and right decision comes with significant pain (ask anyone who has birthed a child, nurtured a career or carried a sick parent through palliative care). Good – and especially noble – choices often take time and come with significant suffering.

Moreover, in this time of ‘fake news’ we must be constantly vigilant to ensure that the images and stories we are exposed to, that move us to such pity, are actually genuine images and stories.

Say it with a picture – It’s your XYZ.