Australian Media are Number One


Liberator Zen

The Canberra press, hard at work.

Yes, you read that right. Our Australian Main Stream Media (MSM) are absolute winners! They have beaten off all competition from overseas and scaled the dizzying heights to be Number One!

At what you may ask. Well, like an Agatha Christie novel, you will just have to stick it out all the way to the end to find out.

Amid all the recent Trump election cacophony, Canadian Professor Tim Ball and Real Science website blogger Tony Heller (aka Steven Goddard) arrived for their first visit to Australia to participate in a number of events and talks on that man-made Global Warming thing. Their first event, on Monday 7th November, which can be viewed here, was held at Parliament House with PHON Senator Malcolm Roberts. After introducing his guests and highlighting the main issues and talking points, Senator Roberts invited questions from the media pack.

Not one single question was asked about the topic that Senator Roberts had spent 20 minutes talking about. Not one. I doubt any of the presstitutes present had even read the 42-page response to the CSIRO that highlighted the dubious, manipulated data the BoM use and the fact that the CSIRO have no empirical evidence of human-caused warming at all. Instead, our painfully inept and inadequate Canberra journos had turned up with a bunch of ‘gotcha’ questions on the topic of Senator Rod Culleton, the fact that somewhere a glacier is melting (handy hint, Junior Journo: If glaciers didn’t melt, they wouldn’t be glaciers), an embarrassingly failed attempt to insinuate the visit was funded by Big Coal, and that Senator Roberts once said the word “Rothschild”.

After several minutes of irrelevant, imbecilic poo-flinging from the Canberra press, Senator Roberts left the press conference abruptly, no doubt in fear that the dribbling stupidity on display in front of him might be contagious. All Roberts had done was state simple facts that any decent journalist could double-check the veracity of if in doubt. That is, if we had any decent journalists who didn’t see facts as a vampire sees daylight. Some may ask themselves whether this lack of investigative journalism is because the MSM are partisan far-left activists, or just plain ignorant and incapable of even the most basic grasp of science. The answer is both, as they are two sides of the same coin.

A loaf of bread, yesterday afternoon.

There were no conspiracy theories peddled by Senator Roberts here; the Global Warming industry is costing an estimated $4 billion PER DAY but to suggest there might actually be people profiteering from it and the media shove you in “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” camp. Strange how this never applied with the “Banks caused and profiteered from the GFC” mantra that has been peddled for years. And of course, these are the very same media who rant about evil moustache-twirling capitalists financially raping consumers when Coles and Woolies put 2 cents on a loaf of bread but show absolutely no interest in who is profiteering from the annual taxpayer funded $1.5 trillion industry of CAGW.

I got to meet the very impressive duo of Heller and Ball on the unofficially dubbed “Hells-Balls Tour” and asked them their opinions of the Australian media versus the rest of the world. Both are well travelled and have been interviewed countless times in many countries. Aussie media won one category hands-down. To paraphrase the dynamic duo, their impressions of the Canberra Press was that they were the most condescending, rude, arrogant, ignorant and brainwashed reporters they had ever encountered. Professor Ball succinctly noted that even when a biased reporter in Canada is interviewing someone they may personally dislike, they still show a degree of respect for the institution and the people that voted for them. Not so here where our partisan shills prefer to denigrate and bludgeon away at anyone who opposes their Progressive Cult. They are called hacks for a reason.

Really, in a very crowded field and at an all-time low for global media the Canberra Press Corps should be particularly proud of this accomplishment. We would present them with a “Worst Media Ever” trophy, fashioned and polished from a heap of steaming dung in recognition of their outstanding achievement, but they might just mistake the award for one of their own articles.