A.C.T. Celebrates a Century of Marxism


By Bat 21

The irony is delicious. Here I am enjoying a long weekend courtesy of ‘Family Day’ like the rest of the APS, and the few in the ACT private sector fortunate enough to enjoy things like sick days and holidays. For the casual labour masses in the bush capital, and for the rest of Australia, it’s business as usual.

3207218591_066ee26cc0_maoCanberra is the last place in Australia that should be able to take a day off in celebration of the family unit. Big government is traditionally anti-family. It’s not your right or responsibility to raise a family as you see fit in their eyes. They wish to micro-manage every step of the way. You don’t raise a child. It takes a village to raise a child. Preferably a left-leaning village.

And if too many children start running around the village, well, they’ll just make abortion as accessible as possible, all the while making the traditional nuclear family of a father who works, and a mother who has the freedom to stay at home for those who wish to guide their children, instead of leaving them in the tutelage of Safe Schools, as difficult as humanly possible.

The entire public holiday is a joke, given who has legislated it. If only they’d be honest and instead declare a long weekend for Mao’s birthday. Maybe it’s called Family Day because it’s a celebration of the anniversary of the murder of Tsar Nicholas and his family.

Wait, that was the 17th of July 1917. But it falls on a Monday in 2017! I’m going to tweet the A.C.T. Legislative Assembly and see if we can sort out yet another long weekend for Canberra, in celebration of 100 years of Marxism that the rest of Australia doesn’t get.

XYZ Canberra Correspondent
Bat 21

Photo by agitprop