Trump hurts somebody’s feelings: Progressive media convinced this is the end

Donald Trump pointing offensively.
Donald Trump pointing offensively.

The other day at an event somewhere in America, somebody attempted to use their status as a designated “oppressed minority” to accuse Donald Trump of not being nice. As expected, Donald Trump refused to virtue signal his way out of the trap, and instead told his questioner why he thought they were wrong, and then went on the attack in questioning their motives and calling out their hypocrisy.

The “oppressed minority” person, who had failed to defeat Donald Trump one-on-one in a verbal stoush, was later interviewed by progressive media. In multiple interviews, he claimed that Donald Trump had hurt his feelings by refusing to accept that he is not nice.

Throughout the evening, progressive media analysed just how badly Donald Trump had hurt the feelings of the person from an oppressed minority by refusing to accept that he is not nice. They also engaged experts to place this latest example of Donald Trump’s hurting of somebody’s feelings in the context of a pattern of behaviour, whereby Donald Trump regularly hurts somebody’s feelings.

By the start of the next day, progressive media had concluded that this latest example of Donald Trump’s hurting of someone’s feelings would finally make all the stupid people who like him realise that he is not a nice person. They even explored the possibility that many of the stupid people who like Donald Trump are, in fact, evil.  However, by the end of the next day, progressive media was confounded that even more stupid, evil people like Donald Trump.

They were further confounded by the apparent reason for Donald Trump’s increased support: apparently, most people think that progressive media is stupid and evil, and they no longer believe or care about what it says.

In response, progressive media has concluded that the progressive media is failing to make a convincing enough case to the stupid, evil supporters of Donald Trump that he is not nice. Inside sources suggest that progressive media has found a new way to prove, once and for all, that Donald Trump is not nice, and they are convinced that this time, all the stupid, evil people who like him will come around.

It’s your XYZ.

Photo by Gage Skidmore