Food for thought – Has Seddique Mateen ever told Hillary she’s his hero?

Image sourced form West Palm Beach TV 5 News (WPTV5)
Image sourced form West Palm Beach TV 5 News (WPTV5)

Is it just me or are the liberal establishment media mob living in Weirdo World?

Today they’ve been jumping down Trump’s throat for suggesting an assassination may be imminent, if crooked Hillary were successful in her intention to injure the 2nd Amendment, by stacking the Supreme court with Liberals.

However the appearance of Seddique Mateen (you know, the Taliban supporting father of deceased terrorist Omar Mir Seddique Mateen, who worked diligently on the Democrat campaign before shooting over 100 homosexuals) at a Clinton rally seemed to receive less attention by the mainstream media.

According to PC logic, inferring certain political and legislative actions may lead to terroristic outcomes is deemed more horrendous than receiving support from the father of an Islamic terrorist.

As the Democrats have made it abundantly clear they’ll be kowtowing to the new normal of Left-wing political violence, one might expect terrorism will be a welcome currency under a Clinton administration…

Food for thought