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imageThe XYZ was founded to oppose the politically correct ideology of the regressive left which prevents us, in the West, from being able to freely discuss the problems we face.

Countries across the West face problems of debt, due to socialist economic policies and attitudes of entitlement amongst their populations; problems of demography, due to birthrates below replacement levels, which mean that in Europe in particular, the indigenous populations are rapidly declining; and an existential crisis posed by Islam – although terrorists striking in its name are currently making many parts of the Middle East unliveable, and turning Europe into a war zone, the West faces the far more enduring and profound challenge of this demographic crisis leading to the West becoming Islamic by default.

Whether you are a conservative who believes in Western culture and Christian values; whether you are a libertarian who is concerned about preserving the freedom to live your life without interference from the State; or whether you are a true progressive who is concerned about protecting the rights and freedoms for formerly oppressed groups, and the equality which now exists in Western society: if you are prepared to look openly and honestly at the devastating economic effects of socialism, or at the law, history, and outlook of Islam and recognise the profound alteration to our way of life were it to become dominant, then The XYZ is for you.

The XYZ is a place for open debate and disagreement. It is a place to discuss the problems, all the problems, which face our civilisation, and discuss all the options, without fear of censorship, without kowtowing to politically correct rules of engagement.

The XYZ is currently experiencing its biggest expansion so far in its short history, both in terms of its number of contributors, range of topics, and reach. We are looking to expand further. If you have something to say and would like to write for The XYZ, email us at If you have skills as a musician, a poet, an artist, with multimedia and video, email us. We are looking to expand into video and podcasts in the near future too.

The West is in open revolt. The power of the politically correct elites is fading fast. Join us, and help make the West great again.