Today Hosts Out David Icke as Crazy, and Themselves as Third Rate Comedians and Lightweight Gutter Journalists


By Eh?nonymous

In 1991 David Icke was ridiculed on the BBC by Terry Wogan over his theories. Wogan knew of a decades-long culture of paedophilia at the BBC and could even have named names, yet like many at the BBC he didn’t have ticker to risk his career and speak out to end the abuse, making him complicit and almost an accessory to these crimes.

Icke was the first to blow the whistle on this heinous culture of child molestation at the BBC, and even more disturbingly in the halls of power. He even committed the ballsy act of outing former British PM Edward Heath as a paedophile when nobody else was brave enough, damaging his career prospects with these allegations far more than any crazy talk of reptilians running the world.

Ted Heath never attempted to sue Icke. Nor did any of the other high-profile child abusers he has named, like Jeffrey Epstein, a molester and pimp of children who allegedly shares his interests with Bill Clinton, Kevin Spacey, and Prince Andrew. For these reasons alone David Icke deserves our respect and our attention, regardless of whatever else he says.

Since the Wogan interview, despite being out there on a few things, Icke has proven chillingly prescient on others. Sadly, most of mainstream media has remained stuck in 1991, as was proven by Today, a few mornings ago, when they proved how creative and relevant to 2016 they are by recycling the same 1991 Wogan schtick yesterday.

A David Icke interview on Today was never going to end well. But the lack of journalistic integrity shown represented a new low. According to the Daily Mail, Icke’s Today experience began by being berated across the studio prior to going on the air by resident boofhead sports reporter Tim Gilbert. Tim’s claim to fame is being told to f— off live on the air by Andrew Johns.

Gilbert was never going to understand what their guest had to say, because his stock and trade is in the kind of distraction of the masses that Icke warns about.

The professionalism of Today extended to the interview. It was embarrassing. Not for David Icke, but for Karl Stefanovic and Lisa Wilkinson. Breakfast television hosts do comedy about as well as they do journalism. That is to say, poorly. That’s why interviews with comics always become cringe-worthy, because they just can’t keep up to speed with the banter.

Before a question was asked, Icke was ridiculed and pre-discredited on the green screen behind by a ridiculous animated graphic featuring aliens and UFO’s zipping around. What he had to say may have had some gravitas had he not been primed for ridicule before he had even been allowed to speak.

Even if they’d approached the interview with any measure of decorum, lightweight ‘journalists’ Karl Stefanovic and Lisa Wilkinson would have been completely out of their depth. Karl Stefanovic is basically a knuckle-dragger who just gets by on parroting populist opinion and sporadic virtue signalling, and Lisa Wilkinson shamelessly and insidiously pushes her Cultural Marxist leanings to the easily-influenced apolitical breakfast television masses as gospel, and wouldn’t be able to ponder an idea or concept outside of the regressive left doctrine if her life depended on it. So neither were ever going to play well with Icke’s outside the box thinking.

I don’t know everything about David Icke and his beliefs. But clearly I prepared more for this article than the Today work-experience girl, who seemingly put together a patchy half-page brief that, as Icke points out, condensed his 27 years of research into a couple of gotcha bullet points taken from Wikipedia, and was clearly all about discrediting and humiliating him in a mean-spirited fashion.

Lisa Wilkinson scoffed at the assertion that there may be intelligent life out there in the Universe, but no doubt swallows the nonsense of gender fluidity with no questions asked. Karl Stefanovic, as usual, took the faux-moral high ground and said, “but I’m not slugging people $100 to listen to your rubbish”. You’re right, Karl. You’re slugging the Nine Network $2 million a year so that people have to listen to your rubbish. Real journalists earn considerably less. Karl is pondering buying a palatial mansion on the Northern Beaches, but has the audacity to frame their guest as a filthy-rich charlatan. David Icke lives in a flat. Quite like a real journalist actually. Clearly he’s rolling in it, as you can see:

The interview was nothing short of a disgrace. When it was over, I thought to myself: OK… so you had the guy who blew the whistle on systemic child abuse by the most powerful and influential people in the U.K. years before anyone else, the guy who raised questions about 9/11 before anyone else, the guy who advanced ‘crazy’ theories decades ago about artificial intelligence and the possibility that we may be living in a simulation before anyone else. Theories that were recently validated by highly respected scientists like Elon Musk, and the best you can come up with is a “gotcha” question about a hollow moon?

Really, Today? Is that the best you have? What do you have for us next week? An exclusive interview with Julian Assange where you conspicuously avoid asking about Wikileaks, and instead ask him about what he does for fun in the Ecuadorian Embassy, or ask him to participate in some lame skit to validate Karl and massage his ego?

David Icke is definitely eccentric. Perhaps he is even a little mentally imbalanced. But does this negate everything he believes? Thomas Edison invented the telephone. He also believed that a time would come when we would be able to use such a device to communicate with the dead. Does this make the telephone or any of his other breakthroughs or theories any less relevant or worthy of discussion or pursuit? Let’s just throw the whole lot out shall we? We’ll stick with the postal service thank you very much, because the guy that came up with that was sane.

Karl and Lisa made it abundantly clear that they believe Icke to be insane, which makes the spectacle all the more obscene. Punching down and making fun of someone whom you firmly believe doesn’t have all of their faculties is as distasteful for those of us on the centrist or conservative side as it should be for the left. It’s about as classy as pointing and laughing at a homeless person.

For Wilkinson and Stefanovic to stoop to this level of hypocrisy, speaks volumes about just how disconnected from humanity and mean spirited the regressive left media have become. Oh yes, we’ll police every micro-aggression. But if the crazy person goes off script and is filmed shouting racist obscenities on a train, or in this case has theories about the way the world is run that don’t gel with ours, we will destroy their lives with extreme prejudice.

We know that Lisa Wilkinson, and to some extent Karl Stefanovic, buy into Regressive Left nonsense, so perhaps a grovelling career-ending apology to all of the people of Australia who suffer from mental health issues and were triggered by their ridicule of David Icke is in order. To be closely followed, of course, by being banished to the same island where the woman who made the AIDS joke on the plane, the dentist who shot the lion, and Mel Gibson are kept, so that they can no longer threaten polite regressive-left society.

One person came out the winner in all of this, and that was the madman. A more clever interview approach would have been to give David Icke a fair hearing without prejudice or the ridiculous backdrop, and then ask the probing questions if and when he tripped up. The Today show treatment of Mr. Icke unwittingly validated absolutely everything that he and his supporters believe in. One of the main mantras of both reasonable and unreasonable conspiracy theorists everywhere is a quote from Mahatma Gandhi:

“First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win”.

Eh?nonymous was a thoroughly repellent unemployed social justice warrior until a one in a million glitch in his Facebook account affected the algorithms in his news feed, omitting posts from his much loved left leaning Huffington Post and I F**king Love Science, and inexplicably replacing them with centrist and conservative newsfeed items that slowly dragged him kicking and screaming into the light beyond the safe space that Mr. Zuckerberg had so carefully constructed for him. It’s a long road to recovery, but every Mark Steyn share he sees in his newsfeed is like another day clean from social justice addiction.