Four Climate Scientists & #AustraliaHasAFlannery


Here is an encore of a piece published on July 13, 2016.  As Australia faces another cold snap, we feel it is entirely appropriate.

Hey remember ten years ago? You remember, when Australia was suffering under severe drought, and someone who caught the ear of the national media and the Australian government claimed it would never rain again? That the rain that did fall would not be enough?  That Australian snowfields would go out of business? The icecaps would melt, and fire and brimstone would fall from the sky?

Such baseless predictions led to wasteful government policy at best, in the form of desalination plants we don’t need; and downright dangerous policy at worst, in refusing to release water from dams which were dangerously full, leading to unnecessarily severe floods.

The XYZ would like to present a skit on this very subject by Liberator Zen who has produced, edited, funded, scripted and acted this entire video himself. It is a loving parody of the Monty Python skit, Four Yorkshiremen.  We hope you enjoy.

And further, we notice that Facebook feeds have been filling up with beautiful pictures and videos of people playing happily in the snow all over Australia. This cold snap has been caused by a massive system which formed off the coast of the Great Australian Bight. It is the sort of thing that everybody’s favourite Australian of the Year, Tim Flannery, said would never happen again.

We would encourage to post your own delightfully snowy photos on The XYZ Facebook and Twitter feeds, with the hashtag #AustraliaHasAFlannery.

Go for your life, Australia.