Food for thought – One Nation prevails at the ballot box

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher
Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

Yesterday’s election results confirmed what those of us at the XYZ have been saying throughout this election; the major parties were a choice between a giant-douche and a turd-sandwich (neither of which sat easy with the electorate).

However the success of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party, which is reportedly set to secure 5 senate seats at the moment (2 x QLD, 1 x NSW, 1 x WA, 1x SA), came as little surprise to those of us in the anti-establishment movement.

Back in January I expanded on why Pauline Hanson would be of significance in this year’s contest (particularly given the flaring up of the sit-in, mantra chanting, Aussie flag-burning and physically violent filth that flock to the defence of Trades Hall subversion).

It wasn’t until early last month that it became crystal clear that One Nation would be the lightning rod for the PC-smashing vote, when Rainbow Republican Newspoll PM Turnbull made the arrogant declaration that Pauline Hanson was “not welcome” in Australian politics.

Hence why I predicted 48 hours out from election day, that the best bet in voting to smash the PC cartels of the Labor Green Left and Malcom’s moderates, would be to vote for One Nation.

It appears this sentiment was also widely held by most patriotic Australians. Watching the regressives lament at this result is making the victory all the more delicious.

Food for thought.