Blood on Obama’s Hands


Reports have just come in that eleven police officers have been shot, and four have been killed at a ‘Black Lives Matter’ protest in Dallas, Texas. Officials stated that the officers were shot by snipers.

Following the attack, the police have taken one suspect into custody, and another ‘person of interest’ has turned himself in to authorities.

Obama’s presidency has undone almost 60 years of improvements in race relations.

Earlier today, President Barack Obama criticised police in the wake of two shootings this week. In his usual form, Obama has continued to construe police shootings as a race issue despite a complete lack of evidence.

This time, Obama’s race-baiting has led to the execution style killing of at least four police officers, seven injured, and two in a critical condition.

Race relations in the United States are quite possibly in the worst state since the beginning of the civil rights movement some sixty years ago, much of it due to President Obama’s continued race-baiting and sowing division between races and ethnic groups during his tenure as President.

The election of Obama as US president in 2008 anticipated a new era of unity and positive race relations in the United States, yet his leadership has led to precisely the opposite.

Mr President, the blood of four dead, and seven injured police officers are on your hands.


Photo by U.S. Embassy New Delhi