Vote Green for a change


No, you did not misread the headline. I am seriously proposing that we all vote Green. Why would we do this to ourselves and our nation, you may ask? Simply put: When in opposition you can say and do all sorts of things without consequence, without reality determining if it works.

You can make it hard for pragmatists to deliver real outcomes.

You can make deals, facilitate the overthrow of elected leaders and undermine the governance that provides the privilege and prosperity that you despise so much.

Vote Green and let them govern – it will be a short experiment – and an informative one at that.

Watch as boat people drown en-masse in a wave of migration down under.

Gasp as government taxes and regulation cripple business. Marvel as welfare and special interest group funding soar.

Experience the exhilaration of Green economic policy in the wake of a credit rating downgrade, rising interest rates, plus-sized budget deficits, housing market crashes and reduced prosperity for the nation.

Just as Trump is an effective counter-intuitive mechanism to fight Political Correctness, so too might the Greens government be a great tool to fight socialism.

We will be able to look back at the great era where the Greens were held accountable and failed horribly. Today’s progressives do not believe it, they may just need to see it.

More to the point, the country needs real reform and maintaining the status-quo of LiberalLabor governments is not a viable alternative. We need a government paradigm shift to adopt to the realities of 2016. The Greens are not the government we need.

They might just be the shit storm that we need to endure, so that we can rebuild once it has blown away, having left a trail of disaster we will not soon forget.