They Don’t Care



By Lucas Rosas

Well, on the night of the shooting in Florida, XYZ’s very own Keating predicted it.

The left was always going to try to blame everything other than Islam for a Muslim killing 50 gay men and injuring even more, while screaming his devotion to Allah.

Even just watching the ABC and briefly monitoring press releases, I’ve seen everything from gun control, [of course] to mental illness, to domestic violence being used to muddy the waters.

He wasn’t motivated by Islam! He was a violent abusive loner who had nothing to do with Islam! Sure he declared loyalty to Islamic State and may have been in touch with terrorist cells online, but those are just details!

But you can’t really blame the left; for them, this is the nightmare they never really believed could happen.

Muslims and Homosexuals are peas in a pod in their cosmology, both innocent victims of evil white male imperialist oppression and discrimination. Somehow, somewhere, if something bad happens it must be the fault of a straight white Christian male.

The same left that jumped on a previous massacre to try to ban the Confederate flag across the south, and with shameful regularity uses every mass shooting in the U.S to try to disarm innocent law abiding citizens before the bodies are cold, are now screeching across every platform, from Twitter to the New York Times, from the ABC here to the BBC in the U.K, about how truly terrible it is that the awful boor Donald Trump might just make political capital out of these attacks.

The Fiend!

Even for leftists the sheer bald faced hypocrisy and total lack of self awareness is so breath-taking as to be almost funny.

Their panic is entirely understandable, however this attack won’t decide the election, but is almost custom made to win Trump millions of votes.

No-one else in the U.S political system has belled the cat like the boisterous New Yorker with the orange tinted face and weird hair. As a result, the establishment left is terrified and scrambling.

If they can’t convince the world that this is about mental illness, or domestic violence, or gun control, or a homophobia entirely separate from Islam, then their narrative begins to break down.

In their eyes this means that the evil spectral cabal of straight white Christian males that secretly runs the entire world and oppresses everyone else has won a battle, and thus begins to damage the myth they have built up about their own inevitable progress towards an ill defined future utopia free from the evil oppression that presumably causes Muslims to dislike Gays.

If this sounds insensitive as the bodies of the recently slaughtered are still being identified, you’re right, but it still needs to be said.

For all the beating of their breasts, multi-coloured national monuments, rainbow flags at half mast, shedding of tears and the rending of garments, the left doesn’t really give a damn about half a hundred mostly Latino queers in Florida.

If they cared, they might be doing something to stop this from happening again, instead of recycling the same tired talking points all over the world.

If they cared, they might pick up a Koran.

If they cared, then they might have been out on the streets protesting Iran hanging lesbians from cranes, or Islamic State throwing suspected gays off rooftops, instead of trying to entrap devout Christians with cakes.

If they cared, they might have had second thoughts about non-discriminatory immigration policies, when so many new migrants come from the Dar Al-Islam.

If they actually did care they might examine their own assumptions for the split second required for their entire worldview to fall down around them.

And that is something even the more intelligent, and especially the more “educated” amongst them, will never do.

It would be too painful.

Lucas is a former soldier and current hedonist reclining supine beside a pool in a tropical paradise with a cocktail as the sun sets on Western civilisation. He likes hats.

Photo by warriorwoman531