Saudi child-killers just tip of the iceberg


It was revealed yesterday that Saudi Arabia ‘pressured’ the United Nations secretary-general, Ban Ki-Moon to remove the nation from a UN ‘black-list’ after killing more than 500 children in the ongoing Yemeni war.

Moreover, the Saudis subjected the UN secretary-general to extortion and threatened to pull funding from humaritarian initiatives.

This revelation should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with the Stone Age culture of the Saudi kingdom; a nation which is scarcely clad with a thin veneer of modernity by way of its rich oil earnings which began in the second half of the 20th Century.

This so-called western ally is no such thing, and the sooner the West no longer needs to rely on Saudi oil the better.

Of course, when President Barack Obama recently visit the head of this barbaric kingdom, he fell over himself bowing and scrapping in deference to a man who, should he have been a leader of any other country would be held on charges for crimes against humanity.

This society of primitive-goat-herders-with-bling practically puts Islamic State to shame for the number of beheadings, crucifixions and ‘amputations’ it regularly and barbarically commits with almost no international repercussions. Instead, the nation is lauded by the international community and is appointed to head up a human rights committee – a gesture that would be laughable if it were not so vulgar.

Furthermore, Saudi law makes it illegal for women to drive cars, illegal to openly discuss religions other than Islam, and carries out the death penalty on anyone caught smuggling a Bible into the country, as well as anyone who dares to leave Islam.

Saudi Arabia, along with Iran and the Islamic State are the kinds of regimes you arrive at when applying Islamic culture and law in its most integral way.

If you’ve ever wondered where Islamic terrorist organisations get their funding – Saudi Arabia is never too far away. What’s more, Saudi Arabia has being doing its level best to export its ‘pure’, Wahhabist Islam by funding the building of Mosques and Islamic so-called ‘outreach’ in the West.

Have you ever wondered why there is not only little, but practically ZERO actual critical scholarship of Islam carried out at western universities, despite increasing proliferation of ‘Middle Eastern’ and ‘Islamic Studies’ departments in these institutions? You guessed it – dirty Saudi oil money in many cases funds the founding of these departments and ‘research centres’ in western universities all but ensuring that no real or substantial examination and critique of Islam is ever conducted.

Long before Osama Bin Laden plotted the attacks of 9/11, he and his family became filthy rich selling oil to the West. While Osama is dead, don’t doubt for a moment that there aren’t now scores of young men (and women) being tutored and deployed, just like him, all funded by the same Saudi oil money.

The revelation of Saudi Arabia’s brutal killing of hundreds of children should come as no surprise to anyone with more than an iota of insight. This is sadly merely the tip of the iceberg (or should that be ‘desert’) for this primitive and depraved kingdom.