The Left Are The Real Fascists


imageBy Islamodacity

The Left have been working overtime trying to re-define commonsense border security as a cruel mix of racism, nativism, and now more regularly even fascism.

Well here is a news flash for the left who are worried about the potential rise of fascism in Australia. It is already here but it’s not the right who are the fascists, it’s the leftist mobs assaulting mums and dads at rallies, it’s leftist mobs stopping free speech at political party launches.

Fascism is the dogma of the Left, not the Right… Fascism tends to produce a lot of street theatre, because mob actions are useful for terrorising the populace into compliance. The mob action in Australia comes entirely from the political Left.

Hitler was a leftist from the start – and so was his political party, the National Socialist German Workers Party, whose first two words provided the basis for the group’s moniker, the Nazi party.

The Left has been playing an amazing word game for decades where it defines itself as the antidote to fascism. On the contrary, fascism has always been a left-wing idea, and the Left’s rapture for totalitarian power to be obeyed in all things from the boardrooms, to the bedrooms and now also to kids’ bathrooms and toilets…

In Europe, the elite’s disdain for the sovereignty of its own citizens has created a migrant crisis that is tearing their societies apart. Citizens who speak out against these disastrous policies are sick and tired of being called “far-Right nationalists” and compared to brown-shirts.

It’s not the Right that create diversity councils, human rights commisions, anti discrimination commitees into weapons against the people. It’s not the Right currently toying with the idea of Soviet-style show trials for “climate change deniers.” And it’s not the Right getting cozy with the worst totalitarian instincts of militant political Islam.

Underneath the sanctimony lies the same demand totalitarian thugs always make, from fascist Europe to militant Islam: Submit, do what we demand, and you won’t get hurt. If you keep resisting, everything that happens is your fault.

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