Confessions of a capitalist


7187376896_e7bb4f0f8d_Tesla-1This week I am about to make an astute investment. I, who question the dogma behind global warming pseudo science, will invest in an electric vehicle company which also wants to integrate renewable energy generation and transmission into its “ecosystem”.

I will make this investment, and I am sure it will succeed.

I mention this as there is no hypocrisy on my part. I think electric motors are a superior engineering solution. I trust that market forces have led the company to innovate to the point where the car battery has a sufficiently good driving range, and ease of recharge to make it a viable “fuel source”.

I am slightly uncertain they will meet their manufacturing targets, but this is an acceptable risk as I expect minor delays, not abject failure.

I make this investment as the car company has not asked big government, or the climate change fairy, to artificially level the playing field. This company went out, dreamed big, innovated, and are on the verge of making everyone else less competitive than they are. It is mind blowing.

It represents many of the strengths of capitalism, and highlights the weakness of socialist-communist-green cry babies. Take the hint: You can have more of “us capitalists'” money if you can convince us it’s not going to be wasted.

Photo by p_a_h