Branson wants to lower the voting age


7557240974_45b9e3ef67_Richard-BransonRichard Branson’s Facebook feed is like watching a train wreck… Utterly horrific, but you can’t look away.

If anything, the voting age should be raised to when the brain is fully developed, (about 25,) and people are out of institutions like University, where they are influenced by utopian ideals that are unattainable, unsustainable, and unsafe.

At 16, they’re still classed as minors. At 16, the biggest issues they have involve boyfriends/girlfriends, school, and their boring parents not letting them do what they like. At 16, they very rarely have any care for or understanding of world politics. Most of them probably aren’t even contributing tax with their first job.

To appreciate politics and voting, you need to have lived life outside of doing what parents, teachers, lecturers, and celebrities tell you to do.

No, what Branson is saying is that he wants impressionable drones to do his bidding, because he can social media and market to youth very well. I have not known a closet sore loser like this man.

The referendum is done. The people have spoken. Get over yourself you cry baby!

Photo by Jedimentat44