5 Reasons why no conservative can vote Turnbull



By Lucas Rosas

If you have been following the dreary, drawn out, never-ending election campaign you may be in need of something to wake you up.

So far we have two cookie-cutter candidates mouthing the same platitudes over the same issues, endlessly repeating the same talking points.

Anyone who has managed to sit through the coma-inducing stupor that has been the debates between the parties probably deserves a medal; or at very least a medical appointment.

As a conservative, or other right-of-centre fellow traveller, you have probably been wondering how you should vote: after all, while Malcolm is a depressing candidate who probably has trouble provoking enthusiasm from members of his immediate family, the ALP, as always, is far, far worse.

But before you regretfully enter the little booth to place your “1” beside the local Liberal drone’s box, there are a few reasons why you should put the bastards in light blue who saddled us with his mightyness, Lord Turnbull of Wentworthia, a little further down the list, even if not behind the civilisation-hating Watermelons or the organised crime group that is the modern Labor party:

1] Turnbull’s a traitor.

This is more or less self explanatory, being PM in Australia has become almost as temporary as being Roman Emperor during one of their periods of bloody civil war, where the previous occupant had barely time to warm the throne before being rudely un-seated and handed his head.

The ALP showed us that if you vote for a backstabber, you get more backstabbing. Unless the Libs are sent a message of some sort this election cycle about the wisdom of unseating a conservative to please the baying of the left leaning commentariat, it will simply happen again, and again, and again.

If, by some happy miracle we ever get a conservative PM again, the same trick will be played by both media and the leftist sell-outs that now comprise more than half of elected Liberal party MPs.

Either a message is sent with a minor party first preference vote now, or there won’t be a second chance.

2] Liberal governments do nothing.

One of the reasons for the constant failure of the right in this country was evident the night of the coup against Abbott last September. I had right-of-centre acquaintances and colleagues who regretfully said “Well, at least he’ll win the election”.

The mentality of keeping the left out of office because they can only do slightly less damage if they only control the education system, the public service, most of academia and the press, is a loser’s ideology, and a loser’s strategy.

It’s why, after a decade of John Howard being in power, the media was more left wing than ever, government spending was through the roof, the ABC was more powerful and better funded than ever, the far left was firmly in charge of our high school history curriculum, the academy had purged most of the vestiges of conservative thought, most people believed the utter fantasy that an entire generation of Aboriginal children were stolen for being Aboriginal, roughly the same amount believed that the gas we breathe out was going to destroy the world, and a significant minority in influential positions believed that protecting our country’s borders was immoral, and even continued to do so after opening them led to over a thousand men, women, and children dying at sea.

If voting John Howard, a fairly conservative man, into office for all those years did nothing to stop the leftward march towards the cliff of oblivion, what on earth makes anyone think voting in a Leftist with a blue rosette, supported by a cabal of unprincipled hacks, will?

This is the same party that stopped Abbott from making a minor change to the hated hate-crime laws which choke free speech. This is the same party that will give us the absurdity of “Gay Marriage”, the same party that has folded time after time after time on nearly every issue that counts, betraying social conservatives on cultural issues, and libertarians on taxation and liberty.

We lost the Culture Wars and the History Wars because our side refused to fight beyond a few mewling protests. If anything is to change, that has to change.

3] Because Turnbull is a leftist.

This isn’t up for debate.

Turnbull describes himself as a feminist, and has lauded the attention-seeking fraud Rosy Batty to try and win points with the man hating crowd.

He’s a committed believer in the religion of climate change.

He’s roughly about as Republican as the IRA.

He supports same-sex marriage, and the Neo-Marxist program to deconstruct gender represented by the “Safe Schools” project.

He believes in big spending by a nanny state government, and raising taxes to pay for it.

He’s weak on terrorism, and the protection of our borders.

There is not a single area of policy in which Malcolm Turnbull is to the right of Paul Keating in 1996.

That is what 12 years of Liberal party in government, followed by six years of furious leftist advances in the Culture War, followed by two years of a termite-infested coalition, has given us:

Paul Keating the Second.

They probably even have the same tailor.

It shouldn’t need to be said: if you reward a party that chooses to replace a conservative with a leftist, they will govern in a leftist manner. Forget about mandates or what is said before the election, especially considering…

4] The Senate deal.

Before the election was called, in order to rid himself of the obstructionist crossbenchers in the Senate, Malcolm Turnbull came up with the wonderful idea to redesign the entire Senate voting system to benefit the Greens and the Green-voting Nick Xenophon.

Don’t be fooled by the fact that the double dissolution this time may lead to a few rogue right-wingers like Pauline Hanson getting across the line, for the next election and for the foreseeable future after that. Unless the right protest vote coalesces into a conservative version of the Greens, you will see a Senate dominated by the far left, with both Liberal and Labor having to do deals favourable to the lunatic fringe in order to get anything passed at all.

Forget Tax cuts, forget smaller government, forget free speech, forget conservative social values, forget mining or anything else that might create jobs, forget ever cutting the budget of the ABC or holding them to account for their unlawful bias.

Imagine a sneering, sanctimonious, self-righteous far left face, drunk on power, peering down its nose at you, forever.

And thank Malcolm by at least not voting first preference for his party.

5] Because Mark Textor was right.

The Liberal party’s chief pollster, Mark Textor, famously said last year, after Turnbull and his leftist cronies stabbed Abbott in the back:

“The qualitative evidence is they don’t matter,” Mr Textor said. “The sum of a more centrist approach outweighs any alleged marginal loss of so-called base voters.”

It’s hard to hear, but he’s right. Under our current electoral system, the votes of conservatives and libertarians simply don’t matter if they continue to back the Liberal party.

If anything in this country is to change, we need a party on the right to pull the Liberals rightward as the Greens pull the ALP leftwards.

It’s not a fix to all our problems, but at least it will stop your vote from being useless.

And if you happen to live in an electorate with one of the ever-diminishing number of traitors that ejected a first term conservative PM to replace him with a left wing merchant banker, my advice is: put the Liberals last.

Because Sir John Harington was right as well:

Treason doth never prosper: what’s the reason?
Why, if it prosper, none dare call it treason.

You might not want the other set of bastards to win, but at least send this lot of bastards a message.

Lucas is a former soldier and current hedonist reclining supine beside a pool in a tropical paradise with a cocktail as the sun sets on Western civilisation. He likes hats.

Photo by DonkeyHotey