2nd Brexit Referendum Could Unleash Damaging “Hate Campaign”


In a day’s wake of the Brexit victory, more than 1 million Britons have registered their protest by signing a petition calling for a second EU referendum.

Human rights advocates however, have warned that holding such a referendum would unleash a hurtful and offensive “hate campaign” against those who voted to leave in the initial poll.

This hate campaign would be potentially very dangerous to the mental health of many Britons, and should the second referendum go ahead, it would likely cost the British economy an additional £750 million in lost productivity, health costs and trauma counselling.

Even though the Brexit decision fundamentally changes the nature and meaning of every Briton’s citizenship, advocates of the Brexit have repeatedly stated that another poll is unnecessary, because politicians have already been democratically elected to office and should be allowed to carry out their parliamentary duty on behalf of the British people.

Photo by faul