Where Are All the Feminists?


Domestic violence is one of the key social issues of our time. We see advertisements against it, and governments are funnelling hundreds of million dollars into stopping it. Yet, back in April I felt compelled to ask the following question:

Are we really taking domestic violence seriously?

Evidently we are not; whether it takes place within the West, and especially when it occurs outside western nations and culture. One may rightfully ask:

Where are the voices of feminists when it comes to violence against women in these non-western cultures and place?

Last week, the Council of Islamic Ideology which is based in Pakistan stated that:

“A husband should be allowed to lightly beat his wife if she defies his commands and refuses to dress up as per his desires [eg: wear a hijab or face/body covering]; turn down demand of intercourse without any religious excuse or does not have a bath after intercourse or menstrual periods.”

Of course, feminists have been up in arms about this sexist statement which condones and encourages violence against women, and have been protesting in the streets around the globe since this announcement was made.

What – you mean they haven’t?

Photo by exit1979