Urgent need to restore confidence in justice system


Our justice system has taken a few hits recently. And some of the damage has been disturbingly self inflicted.

When perpetrators of violence are let out on bail, and others are set free without conviction, as was the case a couple of weeks ago when members of Melbourne’s Apex gang were let off after brutally bashing an elderly couple in their bed, it is understandable when members of the community begin to lose confidence in the justice system.

While supporters of this week’s “Tinnie Terrorists” refuse to stand for the magistrate, and our courts are mocked and degraded, it is understandable when people question whether the justice system has not only lost the power, but also the will to protect members of the community from danger, and not simply to clean up the blood after an attack.

When our nation’s sovereignty, and the collective will of the people, is overruled by courts and judicial activists, it is understandable that members of the community are beginning to doubt the ability of our institutions and leaders to maintain the rule of law.

We urgently need confidence restored in our justice system.

It begins with remembering who we are and what we as a culture have forgotten; that western civilisation stands as a beacon of freedom and justice in the world – head and shoulders above all others and opposed to the anti-civilisations and forces of despotism that seek to sap our confidence and rule us by fear and despotism.


Photo by Manu_H