APEX gang members avoid conviction through the racism of low expectations


Two members of Melbourne’s notorious Apex gang have avoided conviction after brutally bashing an elderly couple in their bed.

According to a report from the Herald Sun, the elderly couple were left deeply traumatised after being assaulted with weapons during the brutal bashing.

Furthermore, sources from the police have expressed concerns that the attackers took pleasure in the onslaught against the elderly couple.

The Apex gang are reportedly responsible for a raft of attacks, burglaries and car-jackings through out the Melbourne suburbs, in addition to the riot in Melbourne’s CBD in March.

The clear message which is being given to the Apex gang is that they can run rampant across the city, with little culpability or resistance from authorities.

Yet again, we appear to have a case of the racism of low expectations where non-western non-whites are not able to be held accountable for their actions, as their crimes are simply a reaction to some form of ‘institutional racism’, and as such cannot be held to the same standard of measure. We might as well just say ‘the devil made them do it’.