Waleed Aly confession: I changed my name to get into Television


During the Logie after party last night, Gold Logie winner Waleed Aly was overheard, glass in hand, confessing that he had changed his name in order to get into television. An unconfirmed source reported to the XYZ that Aly stated:

“My real name is Walter Allen, but who the hell is going to give a man with a name like that a gig in television, let to alone anchor a prime-time show? It’s frankly too white and boring. No one called Walter or Daryl is going to win the Gold Logie anymore, this ain’t the 1970s! So I came up with “Waleed Aly” so I’d really stand out and be noticed!

“So much for that sucker ‘Mustafa’ – now all the Gold Logies are going to be for me!”

Mr Aly was then seen grinning and kinking his Gold Logie against the drinks in the hands of the members of his party.

Earlier in the evening, as Aly received the award, he recounted the story of ‘Mustafa’, a man who purportedly felt he had to change his name to something boring and non-descript in order to get a job in television.