XYZ Viewer Poll: Which stupid “progressive” headline did not happen?

An example of XYZ satire... or is it...
An example of XYZ satire… or is it…

Discerning readers of The XYZ have learned over the previous 10 months to take its headlines with a pinch of salt. We quite enjoy inventing the news, and we enjoy equally the carnage which often ensues. But as has been noted on a number of occasions, the reason why the figments of our contributors’ imaginations have proven so believable is that there is an element of the human race, a sub-set who like to refer to themselves, (we don’t think they are doing it ironically,) as “progressives.”

These “progressives” appear hell-bent on outdoing themselves in attempts to socially engineer the collective suicide of the West. While the potential loss of everything we hold dear, should they actually pull it off, could be a bit of a bummer, at least The XYZ will be able to provide some entertaining headlines along the way to mud huts and cannibalism.

As an example of what we mean, The XYZ has devised a little test. The following seven scenarios are all ridiculously, mind-bogglingly stupid. So ridiculously, mind-bogglingly stupid that an intelligent person would generally assume that they could not possibly have happened. But six of them did happen. Your job is to found out which one we’re making up.

Go for your life.

It’s your XYZ.

Which recent example of progressive idiocy did not actually happen?

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