Progressives running out of new places to destroy – Where do we go from here?

Image altered by Ryan Fletcher.
Image altered by Ryan Fletcher.

Racist and bigoted and islamophobic people have been hounded by progressives for suggesting that islam is at odds with the West, with progressive values such as women’s rights, gay rights (let alone LGBTI) and the “diversity” of multiculturalism. Now Human Rights campaigners have realised that there is nowhere to go to escape from the oppression of Islam.

Though the final solution is submission, which in islam translates to peace according to IS president Osama, for now we have to face facts there is nowhere to go to claim asylum which has not been made unsafe for the world from Islamic asylum.

And that is the crux: They are not fleeing oppressive regimes so much as fleeing the guys next to them.

And that is why, in shelters in the West, just like in the hell holes of the islamic world, women and children and gays and christians are experiencing islamic multicultural “issues” that are very unprogressive. It’s the future, dhummi.

Thank you very much, progressives. Where do they run to next? Where do we go? One thing I suspect, progressives 2.0 will be the islamic theocrats of the future. While it still will not cost me my head to say, I suggest you are filthy f*cking scum. F*ck you.

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