Why are Progressives and Regressives in bed together?


What a wonderful age we live in. Turn on Channel 10’s The Project and you get a wonde17305801533_f73c41ac7c_marriage-bedrful example of what I am going to lay down for you, though it’s writ large across the media, the institutions and online.

The progressives and regressives are in bed together: The lefties and the Islamists. Those who seek to enshrine the rights of LGBTI, sexual self identity, equality (along with reverse discrimination), secularism and champion all sorts of progressive causes. These people are in bed with those who adore The Prophet (a man who if he were contemporary would be slain by the social justice warriors for so many reason). Those who subjugate women. Those who believe in Sharia, which is so anti-progressive it’s obviously regressive.

These groups are in bed together. Its like a odd couple comedy. It doesn’t make sense. Walk on the streets of Germany during NYE or Carnival and it must be hard to cognitively comprehend.

But the point is this: This entente cordial between the two groups is a matter of convenience. They know not to attack each other, hell, this is why we have media self censorship. Why Waleed Aly, that articulate former spokesman for the Islamic Council of Victoria is so out-of-character silent when gay marriage, women’s rights and other causes he opposes are discussed, and vice versa.

They know the deal. Their fight is not with each other – yet. Their fight is with their common enemy.

The common enemy is the West, Christian traditions, traditional western values primarily.

The Kafir that appalls the regressive is the same target as the progressives self loathing. It’s fair to say, the progressives escape the loathing (so far) of the regressives because they are hastening the migration of the regressives to the West and are eroding Kafir values from within. The regressives are the favourite cause of the progressives because they are the antithesis of everything that they resent. Anti-western value, “multicultural”, “oppressed”, disempowered victims, adherents of totalitarian power structures, not afraid to sew their lips or drown their children nor do anything else to appeal to western sympathies.

These two groups are not afraid to speak their mind, however they are cognisant to target their dialogue at their mutual enemy and not at their erstwhile allies. Imagine what would happen if they actually told each other what they think of the values they represent, and heated debates on the Project about the sickness of Aly subjugating his wife and he retorts about how in the future same sex marriage will be a non-issue, resolved by a communal brick throwing event.

The battle lines will be redrawn. That they are presently not is a perverse crime which enables the upcoming horrors of the West.

Photo by Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums