International Community Ask N Korea Not to Test Nuclear Weapons (Pretty Please with Sugar on Top)


Over the last few days, North Korea has launched a missile into space, claiming that it was a satellite launch and was purely for peaceful purposes.

Interna6549444309_fda4196b48_Kim-jong-untional leaders led by the United Nations Ban Ki-Moon have spoken out in response to North Korea’s missile tests, asking the renegade nation to stop testing nuclear weapons, adding: “pretty please, with sugar on top.”

A spokesman for China said that they would send a stern message to North Korea after the recent tests, but concluded his statement with, “isn’t he an adorable scallywag?”

Statements made by a spokesman for Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi were not quite as measured:

“We take these recent provocations by North Korea as an act of war against the people of Islam.”

“Allah willing, we will bring swiftly the sword jihad to your land!”