“I realised I was a cat when I was 16” Quote of the Day


10028937863_6030f6259f_catwoman Some people believe that they were born in the wrong gender. But 20 year old Norwegian woman Nano believes that she was born in the wrong species. You see, Nano is in fact a cat, and insists that she has been a cat all her life, but only realised this fact about herself when she was 16.

Nano states in the video below that it was a “genetic defect” that caused her to be born with the the wrong physical attributes, that of the human species. Nano knows that she is a cat, because of her superior hearing and night vision, and her involuntary feline instincts which include hissing at dogs and a fear or water.

As well as being the first person known to be born in the wrong species, Nano is the first cat known to speak perfect Norwegian.

XYZ’s Quote of the Day, 30 January 2016

Photo by humanstatuebodyart