Activist of the Year – Dividing the Nation


Lt Gen David Morrison. Screenshot source: Australian ArmyOne wonders if the collection of social engineering zealots responsible for electing the annual Activist (aka. ‘Australian’) of the Year might just have realised that the average citizen is jack of being lectured to and preached at by left wing windbags and now thinks the whole thing is a complete w@nk.

One can only hope the award is either junked completely, or we go back to naming as Australian of the Year someone who actually likes our nation, does not view the vast majority of the mums and dads in the suburbs as racist and sexist bogans, and is not hell bent on changing us into the sort of fragile types who inhabit University safe spaces.

The current choice, former solider David Morrison, continues a line of preachy activists. His former colleague Malcolm McGregor, who now dresses up as a woman and wants to be called ‘Cate’ had an epic sook when he lost out (there is a God!) on the chance to lecture us on ‘transgender issues’ for a year. In addition to Malcolm, most of Morrison’s former colleagues don’t seem to think much of him either.

Memo to the clowns who give us the annual Activist of the Year – great work d!ckheads, you’ve discredited the whole thing completely now and made a walking joke out the Australian of the Year, capping off your buffoonery with finesse by naming Malcolm (‘Cate’) the ‘Queenslander of the Year’ even though he / she / whatever it is hasn’t lived there for forty years.

Now tell us with a straight face this isn’t social engineering and Cultural Marxism of the blatantly stupid sort.