Rape Culture


10557345_143374422674576_2329124948454421574_nIs it time the west started to face up to some uncomfortable truths, even if it is already too late for some? For many years western feminists have been denouncing what they call ‘rape culture.’ Strangely they seem to fall silent whenever the perpetrators appear to be immigrants to the west, or Muslims, or both, as they so often are. So I thought I would help with these few, brief examples, from among many others.

We’re all now very familiar with the latest outrage against young women on New Year’s Eve in Cologne and some other parts of Germany. The story has become so well known that even the BBC has been compelled to note in its report that the perpetrators of this rape culture were men of north African and Middle Eastern appearance. It would seem an obvious point of connection, but the German authorities are determined to see no link to immigration. Perhaps the young men of north African and Middle Eastern appearance were all just, coincidentally, on holidays in Cologne at the time? The Mayor’s now infamous response was to tell the victims to adopt a “code of conduct.” So girls, cover up now, especially when in the area of the Hauptbahnhof, your Mayor and Chancellor would not like you to bring any nastiness upon yourself by dressing provocatively or going about unaccompanied. Welcome to what is left of 21st century Germany.

Meanwhile, just north of the future Islamic Republic of Germany, is that most enlightened of welfare states, Sweden. Apparently the Swedish authorities have never really considered what the consequences of uncontrolled immigration from poor African and Middle Eastern nations might be when combined with a culture of handouts and entitlement. They are now discovering the equation pretty much adds up to cultural suicide. And a rape culture – ‘in 1996 Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention report bears this out. It noted that Muslim immigrants from North Africa were 23 times more likely to commit rape than Swedish men. It is no wonder why today Sweden is deemed the rape capital of the Western world.’

In Rotherham men of ‘Asian; (i.e., Pakistani or Bangladeshi heritage) preyed on underage white girls from disadvantaged backgrounds and got away with it for years, the authorities being reluctant to act for fear of being accused of that most heinous of modern crimes – ‘Islamaphobia.’ Reported the Telegraph – ‘The Yorkshire town where 1,400 girls have been sexually abused by Asian men is a byword for depravity – all because people wouldn’t rock the multicultural boat.’

Journalists have been subjected to ‘vicious sex assaults’ in Egypt by mobs of men, simply for doing their job in the context of what might be termed their workplace.

Australian readers will remember the gang rapes carried out by a group of young Lebanese men in Sydney in the recent past, with vulnerable young white women again the targets. And everyone knows how ‘Islamic State’ treat women, especially non-Islamic women, who are systematically abused and kept as sex slaves, or just murdered.

All of these examples have one thing in common – they were all carried out by Muslim men. That may well be uncomfortable. It may well be inconvenient, especially for the so-called ‘progressives’ and the high priests of cultural relatively. It may well be awkward and difficult for the ‘rights’ industry, for whom Muslims, and especially Muslim immigrants, are the canonical victims. For western feminists, normally so desperate to be outraged and offended, it seems this real and actual rape culture is to be ignored. All of that may well be so, but none of it changes reality. These are facts.

The uncomfortable truth we must face and address, before it really is too late, is that there is something inherent in the culture of many Muslim majority countries that is deeply incompatible with western views of gender and of women’s place and role in society. Since western feminists seem strangely, and shamefully, reluctant to use the words ‘rape culture’ in relation to that, I will use them, and ask the question no one seems to be wanting to ask, let alone answer – in importing large numbers of young Muslim men, is Europe also importing a rape culture?