“So what’s your favourite type of lettuce?”


“So what’s your favourite type of lettuce?”

It’s one of the great lines in Australian political history, sure to be on the lips of mums and dads in shopping centres everywhere by now. That was cringe worthy Bill Shorten at a shopping mall yesterday, making a pretty limp start to his GST scare campaign, in which he warns the cost of an iceberg lettuce might skyrocket by about 5 cents.

But he doesn’t stop there. Bill goes on to suggest a brand of custard which is, in his house apparently, a “staple” food type – for what reason we don’t know – the Caucus custard pie fight perhaps, they’re a pretty zany bunch in the ALP.

Just for good measure Bill throws a $2 tub of whipped cream into the random family’s shopping trolley – whether they want it or not. Just the thing any normal family wants to go with the custard of course.

And is that not creepy Mike Kelly, voted out of the seat of Eden-Monaro at the last election, tagging along like an equally awkward misfit in public? Some free advice for Bill. Stick to the dance floor mate, and save the confected public outrage for the back of a truck with an audience of Union thugs looking on. Casual conversation in everyday situations whilst out and about in public among real people just doesn’t do anything for you.